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SolarKing makes products for RV, 4WD, Farming and off grid power systems

Solar power is perfect for when you are off the beaten track

Most caravans use solar panels to run all products in the van. No longer do you have to stay in holiday parks and pay for power, with solar power you can stay anywhere. TV’s, Microwave ovens and lighting can all be run from your solar system.

Cost of generating electricity from solar power is very low

Power from the sun is free. Basically you have a once off cost for your solar panels and batteries then you only need to replace your batteries about every 6 years. Many people choose to run many products on farms and sheds off the grid to reduce ongoing cost’s.

Solar energy is clean and generates no ongoing green house gases

Solar energy is non-polluting and clean source of electricity. This makes solar energy so much more practical than coal. Unlike coal, solar power does not emit greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide into air.

Solar energy can be used for off the grid purposes

On grid means a house remains connected to the state electricity grid. Off grid has no connection to the electricity grid, so the house is being powered solely on the solar power. Going off grid has the advantage for people living in remote locations.

Solar energy reduce your electricity costs

Solar power is free with no ongoing cost’s. So once you have paid for the initial installation, your electricity costs will be zero. Why not run your home, outdoor lighting and garden lighting on solar. SolarKing has total soloutions to run off the grid.

Solar panels are extremely easy to install

Solar panels for RV and small off grid systems are easy to wire as the voltage is a maximum of 21.6v, larger system may need an electrician. There are no moving parts in solar cells which makes them long lasting and require no maintenance.

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