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Top 3 Automatic Satellite Dishes for Motorhomes and Caravans in Australia

If you are a person who travels s a lot in your caravan, you must be looking for a way to keep yourself entertained. This is where you may think about going for a satellite TV connection. There are quite a few satellite TV options available for you to consider in Australia. From this article, we will review three such options. Based on the comparison, you may decide to go ahead with one of those options.

    1.Satking Promax

If you are looking for a hassle-free satellite dish for your caravan, Satking Promax is something that you can consider. The best thing about this satellite dish is that it offers superior reception, regardless of where you live in Australia. Satking promax is the only flat panel satellite dish in Australia with dimensions of 520 mm x 600 mm x 274 mm. Also, it required only half of the space fro installation on your rv roof compared to round dishes.

Another great thing about Satking Promax is that you can configure it on your own. That’s because the dish is programmed to configure automatically. You just need to turn it on and hit the OK button, it takes less than 2 minutes. It will configure all the parameters to provide hassle-free content to you. Within a couple of minutes, you will find yourself enjoying interruption free satellite television. It provides you the opportunity to watch Foxtel and Vast TV in two different connections simultaneously as well.

It is important to leave a note about the advanced GPS technology that this satellite dish is using. You will not find it as a difficult task to carry the satellite dish along with you to places. That’s because it comes with a portable design. This portability can contribute towards your travel adventures as well.

Regardless of where you travel in Australia with your RV, it is possible to use Satking Promax. That’s because it provides reception to every corner of the country. This is one of the biggest reasons on why we recommend Satking Promax.


  • Australian owned company
  • Comprehensive 3-year warranty
  • Anyone can easily install and configure it
  • Offers coverage all around Australia
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Comes with free phone support
  • Required less than 2ft space on your roof.  


  • Dual LNB Output
  • 10700 LNB Output
  • Operating temperature is between -30 to 60 degrees Celsius
  • Weighs 18.5kg
  • 520 mm x 600 mm x 274 mm in dimensions
  • Supports both 12V DC and 240V AC
  • Elevation support in between 5 degrees to 90 degrees
  • Output frequency of LNB in between 950 – 2150 MHz

Price – Starting at $3.995

       2.Satking Orbit

If you are looking for a satellite dish designed and manufactured for the Australian market, you may consider using Satking Orbit. It is a much better alternative option to consider than using a manual dish. That’s because it can automatically configure reception and provide you the opportunity to start watching television within a couple of minutes.

Inside Satking Orbit, you can find a 24 CH GPS. It is capable of locating the satellites within a shorter time period. You can get hassle-free reception from your RV and continue to enjoy content on the go. This is one of the most durable satellite dishes available for purchase in the market as well. Therefore, you don’t really need to worry before exposing this dish to the harsh Australian weather conditions. Even if it is quite windy outside, you may continue to use the dish. To provide extra peace of mind, it comes with a 2-year comprehensive warranty.


  • Fully Automatic dish
  • Good Price range of $2,400  
  • Can automatically configure and provide broadcast
  • Designed for Australian market
  • Comes with a comprehensive warranty
  • 2 years warranty


  • Input frequency of LNB ranging from 11.75 GHz – 12.75GHz
  • Output frequency of LNB ranging from 1,000 – 2,050 MHz
  • Vertical and horizontal polarization
  • Weighs 13.7kg
  • 91 x 86 cms in length and width
  • Dual output wideband

Price – Starting from $2,395

    3.Sphere Satellite dish

Sphere Satellite dish is another fully automatic satellite dish that you can consider purchasing in Australia. It is quite popular among RV owners out there as well. The main reason behind why people buy this satellite dish is that it provides an extra layer of comfort. You just need to buy it and configure by spending a couple of minutes. After that, the satellite dish will continue to provide a hassle-free reception to you on the go.

It is important to leave a note on the durability of Sphere Satellite dish. You will be able to easily mount the dish on your own. Then you don’t need to worry about its longevity. It comes with a complete set of instructions. By following available instructions, it is possible for you to do the configurations on our own. In fact, you can configure the satellite dish by just pressing a button. This is one of the most compatible satellite dish receivers as well. That’s because it uses 10,700 GHz LO. No matter where you travel in Australia, you will get the opportunity to enjoy an uninterrupted reception.


  • Easy to set up
  • Comes with all configuration instructions
  • Durable
  • Backed up by a comprehensive warranty
  • Highly compatible dish


  • 50 degrees per second tracking rate
  • LNB frequency of 10.7 GHz
  • 700 mm x 400 mm in dimensions
  • Weighs 19kg
  • 12V DC power supply
  • 7 meters of cables provided

Final words

As you can see, there are quite a few satellite dish options available in Australia to consider. You may learn more about these options and then decide to go ahead with the best one out of them. No matter what option you select out of these, it is possible to get an enjoyable satellite television viewing experience from your caravan. It will make your rides more fun and enjoyable.

Thursday, 28 Sep 2023

Lithium Battery Australia: Everything You Need To Know

Are you looking to buy lithium batteries in Australia? Well, you are in the right place. Here at Solarking, we have everything you need to know about lithium battery products in Australia.

Lithium batteries are the most popular cell used today in portable devices such as laptops and smartphones. It also become a better energy storage solution for caravan, motorhome and marine applications. There has never been a better time to switch over to lithium as they are now more efficient and safer than ever.  

Lithium Battery Australia Review

Lithium batteries are one of the most popular rechargeable batteries for both consumer and industrial applications in Australia. The chemistry of lithium-ion batteries has changed over the years, but what hasn't changed is how reliable they are.

The uses for a lithium battery seem to be limitless at this point. Everything from laptops and cell phones to medical devices and electric vehicles now uses them. They're more energy-dense than other rechargeable batteries, meaning they can store more power in a smaller amount of space.

This is a battery that has been specially designed to work in a wide variety of applications. These batteries have been used in many different settings and for several other purposes. This article will look at some of the most common uses for these batteries and what they are used for.

It is generally made from lithium-ion, or Li-ion, cells. They are called lithium batteries because they contain lithium, which is one of the lightest metals in existence.

They are also very good at holding the energy for long periods, making them ideal for high energy density applications.

 If you want to use one of these batteries, there are many different types that you can choose from, depending on your specific needs and the purpose you want them to serve.

For example, you can install it in a caravan or motorhome to run all your 12v appliances like tv, refrigerator, micro oven and air conditioner. You can also install it in an off-grid house to store energy from solar. They can also be useful for marine applications like boats and ships.   





They're lightweight, handle hundreds to thousands of charge cycles, and offer high capacity relative to their size. So if weight is an issue for you, you should consider using lithium batteries instead of the heavier conventional ones.

Great Alternatives


Lithium Batteries in Australia are a great alternative to traditional lead-acid batteries. Lithium Batteries are lightweight, efficient, and have a longer lifespan than the conventional lead-acid battery.

It Can Be Used In Any Application


This can be used in any application where you would typically use a 12-volt lead-acid battery. You can install in a caravan, motorhome, marine, off-grid, 4x4 or any other solar application that needs storage.

More Efficient


The great thing about lithium batteries is that they're also a lot more efficient than lead-acid batteries, which means they will last longer and charge more efficiently. Lead-acid batteries last around 3 years but lithium can go up to 10 to 15 years and you can repair them whenever you want.



  • - They're lightweight,
  • - Have a long shelf life,
  • - Can be discharged more deeply without damaging them,
  • - Charge more quickly and hold a charge for longer.


  • - Lithium batteries are significantly more expensive.

Bottom Line


The key takeaway here is that there are many requirements to consider when purchasing a Lithium Battery in Australia, one of them being the correct size of the battery. It would also help determine what specific format you're looking for because not all batteries come in either 12V or 24v configurations.

Finally, you will always want to ensure you have the necessary safety measures to ensure that your battery is working correctly.

Solarking is a leading name in the retail of lithium batteries. It provides services to almost all types and models of caravans, motorhomes, marine & solar applications. Solarking offers 3-year full warranty and they are repairable unlike lead-acid batteries.

Solarking lithium batteries range from 7ah to 240ah and are available on 12v and 24v.

I hope you enjoyed the article. If you want to see what else we do, visit Solarking power-systems to see our entire range of products.

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Monday, 04 Apr 2022

A Comparison Between Lithium & Lead Acid battery for caravan

A battery is a device that stores chemical energy and converts it into electrical energy. Caravanning is a fun activity that you can do with your family and friends. By having a caravan, you will be able to travel anywhere you want without worrying about accommodation or the costs of your trip.

But it is always essential to think about the energy source you will use while travelling. This will help you decide which caravan is suitable for your trip.

If you're looking for an energy source for your caravan, keep reading this article as we will talk about the different energy sources that you can use and how they compare with each other.

Two types of energy sources that are commonly used in caravans:

  • Lithium Batteries
  • Lead Acid Batteries

Batteries Used For Caravans


1.    Lead-Acid Batteries


This is one of the most common types of battery used for caravans. Lead-acid batteries are less expensive than lithium batteries.

They have a limited cycle life – the number of times you can recharge them before they reach 80% capacity –typically between 300 and 500 cycles. They need to be discarded when they do not hold enough charge to power your devices. Also, you can’t repair them as much as you want to and you need to replace them with new ones when issue arise.

These have been around for over 100 years, but only in recent years has their output capacity been upgraded to meet the demands of modern camping accessories.

2.    Lithium Batteries


As Lithium batteries become more common and cheaper, they are now being used to upgrade caravan, motorhome and campervan camping batteries. With lithium batteries, you can run all the camping 12v appliances like fridge, washing machine, tv, micro oven, kettle and air conditioner.  

The batteries are often built with thicker plates than starter or deep cycle batteries to allow faster discharge when under load; these thick plates also slow down the release rate when not under load, so they are ideal for camping appliances where there is a long period between uses.

The main advantage of lithium batteries is their weight, its much lighter than traditional lead-acid batteries. For instance, 12v 100ah lithium battery weighs around 11kgs compared to a 25 kgs lead-acid battery. For caravanning weight management is a crucial issue and carrying less weight is always recommended.  

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Batteries:

1.             Lithium Batteries



  • - Long life span, up to 10 years.
  • - 3000 to 8000 cycles
  • - High energy density, so they are lightweight and high in power supply.
  • - The storage capacity of lithium batteries is three to four times higher than that of lead-acid batteries.
  • - Automatic BMS & ACB

2.             Lead Acid Batteries



  • - Lead Acid batteries are cheaper than Lithium by around 40% – 50%.
  • - They have been tested over several decades and can be easily replaced in any automotive store or garage.
  • - Lead Acid batteries also have more self-discharge rates, and this means that you can leave them disconnected for more extended periods without recharging.

Bottom Line

The lithium batteries will let you make the most out of your investment for your vehicle to provide electricity for your trips.

Lithium batteries will be the next big thing as they are safer and longer-lasting. If you think about it, manufacturers of caravans will soon not accept anything less than lithium batteries for their vehicles. So if you are considering buying a lithium battery, then get in early to have the best bargain.

Solarking is one of the major players in the lithium category, it got 12v & 24v batteries from 7ah to 240ah. Some of the best models for caravans are 12v 100ah, 12v 150ah, 12v 200ah & 12v 240ah batteries. Solarking offers a 3-year full warranty and all the batteries are repairable.  

The fact that you are purchasing parts for your mobile car accessories from a reliable manufacturer will give you peace of mind and save money in the long run. So visit Solarking to buy your favourite lithium battery for your caravan and camping.


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Monday, 04 Apr 2022

Why 100AH Lithium Solarking Battery Is The Best In The Market?

Lithium batteries are the best choice for solar energy storage because of their high storage capacity and long lifecycles. While there are many types of lithium batteries, SolarKing has worked with R&D teams to develop specific lithium batteries to make them more suitable for solar power storage.

Our research has resulted in a range of lithium batteries that do not degrade as quickly as other batteries when used in frequent charging and discharging cycles.

SolarKing's range of 100AH lithium batteries has been specially developed for solar energy storage applications, caravans, motorhomes, 4x4 & marine. They are designed to be used with 12V or 24V solar power systems and can store enough electricity to power standard household appliances & camping appliances for extended periods.

If you want to know more about why 100AH lithium SolarKing battery is the best in the market, read on!



  • Dimensions: 334x175x219mm
  • Chemical: Lithium Iron LiFePo4
  • Cell Type: Cylindrical
  • Product Weight: 11.0kgs
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20°C ~ +60°C
  • Voltage: 12.8VDC
  • Amperage : 100AH
  • Max Continuous Current : 100A
  • Max 3 Second Pulse : 150A
  • Min Charge Current : 2A
  • Nominal Charge Rate: 30A
  • Max Charge Current: 100A
  • Max Charge Voltage : 14.8V
  • Recommended Charge Rate: 30A
  • Cell Balancing: 3AH charge & discharge
  • Cycles @ 100% DOD: DOD 2000 Cycles
  • Cycles @  80% DOD: DOD 3000 Cycles
  • Cycles @  50% DOD: DOD 3500 Cycles
  • Cycles @  30% DOD: DOD 8000 Cycles



How Is Solarking Battery Best in Many Ways?


The 100AH SolarKing lithium battery is an excellent investment for your solar & off-grid requirements. It is a high-quality product, with some great features which make it the best choice on the market. Let's see some of the main features…

1.   Cost-effective

It is a cost-effective way to store energy from your solar panels. Whether you have a small or large solar system or you travel in a caravan or 4x4, you can use this battery to keep power in case of cloudy days or at night. SolarKing 12v 100ah battery will cost you around just $600 which is 40% less compared to other big brands on the market.

2.   Excellent lifespan

It has an excellent lifespan; if properly maintained, it can last up to 8000 cycles, equivalent to 10 years of daily use! This means you won't need to replace it any time soon and will save money in the long run. SolarKing also comes with a 3 year full warranty, we repair or replace the battery when you need it.

3.   Built-in the management system (BMS)

Moreover, it has a built-in management system (BMS) that ensures safe operation and protects against overcharging and short circuits. Hence, there's no need for external monitoring equipment - plug 'n play!

The BMS will shut down the output when fully charged or discharged, so you don't have to worry about safety risks either - peace of mind!

4.   High cycle life

The 100AH lithium battery can do over 3500 cycles at 50% depth of discharge. This means it can do 2000 cycles at 100% DoD, which compares extremely favourable to other products on the market.

5.   High safety

Solarking Lithium batteries use a BMS (battery management system) that effectively locks the battery when it reaches its maximum or minimum voltage. This prevents overcharging or deep discharging, thereby protecting your investment and increasing safety. It also got ACB – Active Cell Balancing technology which balance the batteries when connecting them in parallel or series. You can connect up to 4 batteries in parallel but it has to be same capacity like 100ah to 100ah and 150ah to 150ah.

6.   High performance

The 100AH lithium battery will give you 100ah continuous current and this has been tested thoroughly by both company and by the customers. Getting 100ah maximum current is not an easy task and this is the main thing that customers should keep in mind while purchasing a lithium battery.  There are many cheap lithium battery brands offering 100ah maximum discharge but you hardly get 60ah once you install the battery.

7.   Small size and weight

It is smaller in size and lighter in weight than traditional gel batteries, which can be used as a backup power source for motorhomes, caravans, yachts, golf carts, and other mobile applications;

Moreover, it comes with 334 x 175 x 219mm dimensions, and they weigh just 11kg each. For example 2x100ah Agm batteries weighs around 3x20kgs = 60Kgs but 3x100ah SolarKing lithium batteries weighs around 3x11kgs = 33kgs. This is almost half the weight compared to traditional AGM batteries.  

Weight management is very significant for caravan and camping so it's always a great idea to go with lightweight batteries.

Bottom Line:

The SolarKing 100AH lithium is a very reliable, high-capacity battery. The battery comes with excellent life cycle ratings and is relatively affordable. If you look to use it in your solar system or recreational vehicle, it will not let you down.

100AH lithium battery is the best in the market because SolarKing has a good reputation in the battery industry and unbelievable service after-sales. Since we have been here for many years, you can be assured of the quality of our products.

If you are still confused about whether to buy a lithium SolarKing battery or lead-acid batteries, keep those points in mind. You will quickly find that a SolarKing lithium battery is a perfect choice.

Monday, 28 Mar 2022

Solarking's 100AH Battery Is More than Enough for Your Portable Charging Needs

Are you concerned about your portable device running out of battery as you are about to leave the house? Worry not. Solarking's 100AH Battery is more than enough for your mobile charging needs.

To start, you need to know that SolarKing's 100AH battery is powerful. But it is also one of the most portable batteries in the market.

At Solarking, our mission is to provide more power for your off-grid living and free camping.  


Some of the advantages of Solarking 12v 100ah battery…


1.     Major Power Output Unit


It has a power output of 12 volts and can power most devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, and even laptops. This can also power your portable refrigerators, micro oven and kettle in caravans and 4x4. This means that you don't have to worry about getting stranded or losing your device because of the lack of battery life.

2.     Easy To Carry


The main advantage of this is that it's easy to carry around wherever you go. You can easily take it with you, and it is also lightweight enough for travel purposes. This can fit in most of the battery boxes available on the market. Moreover, it can be connected both with series and parallel circuits.

3.     Portable Mobile Charging


It is the perfect choice for portable mobile charging. It will power your devices for hours on end and you get 100amps continuous current all the time. If you are looking for a portable solar power bank and generator, the SolarKing 100AH battery is the ideal solution.

4.     Recharged By Solar Panel


A solar panel with a regulator or DC-DC charger can recharge it and you can use any charger between 2amps to 60ams for a 12v 100ah battery. Even though it’s a lithium battery you don’t need to use lithium specific charger and you can use your existing charger. You can use it as a portable battery bank or a solar camping battery.

The SolarKing 100AH SLA battery will power your laptop, tablet, and other digital devices. You can connect Bluetooth battery monitor and check the battery status on your phone, tablet and laptops.

5.      Lightweight


It is lightweight, weighing in at just 11kgs, making it easy to carry around wherever you go. Traditional Agm 100ah battery weighs around 25 kgs.  It's also a weatherproof battery so that it won't be damaged by harsh weather.

6.     A Great Choice for Camping Trips


It is an excellent choice for camping trips, caravan travel, or other outdoor activities where there isn't always easy access to electricity from traditional sources like sockets or generators. Its USB ports(battery box) make charging simple: plug in your phone or other device and let it charge!

7.     Rugged Design


It is made from the highest quality materials available today. These components have been tested and certified by leading manufacturers in the industry. The product comes with a 3-year warranty and battery expected to go a minimum of 10 years, so you know it will last at least that long without any problems or issues.

8.     Easy Installation


It also comes with an easy installation process that doesn't require any tools or equipment! Just plug it into a battery box, and you are set to go!

The only maintenance you need is to keep the battery charged up once every few months with either solar power or grid electricity (if available). Keep in mind lithium likes to be on float charging.

Bottom Line

SolarKing's 100AH battery is more than enough for your portable charging needs. If you're considering a portable solar charger, look no further than SolarKing.

We've got a battery that can provide power to multiple batteries and devices. Check out SolarKing if you're shopping for a solar or camping battery.

For more:

Monday, 28 Mar 2022

Off-grid Life with Solarking Lithium Batteries

Lithium iron phosphate “LFP” also chemically named LiFePO4 is one of the newest, efficient and extraordinary generations of lithium batteries which uses iron and phosphate as the cathode part of the battery. A thin layer of iron on the cathode part for dealing with a high-speed charge and discharge make it valid for industrial machines and many other heavy duties.

 The cathode materials used for the lithium-ion batteries are generally cobalt, nickel, manganese and their oxides which can be enough for a healthy performance. But, if you are exploring a lithium battery for heavy duties and solar systems, then a lithium iron phosphate technology can simply be your choice.

 To explore thoroughly how a lithium iron phosphate functions amazingly, here is a list of all its advantages. So, you would then without any trouble, come with a decision of selecting the right product.


Some crucial advantages of lithium iron phosphate battery:


  • High Capacity but Low Size
  • Excellent Life Cycle
  • Perfect C-Rating
  • Wider Range of Operating Temperature
  • Improved safety
  • No Worse Environmental Impacts

Lithium iron phosphate batteries have a large utilizing area and are used for many purposes such as in electric cars, caravans, 4x4, RV, solar, off-grid, electric bikes and forklifts. In addition, it is more importantly utilized in solar power systems for storing energy.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries for Solar Systems

To produce electricity from the sunlight, scientists have discovered electric devices called PV cells which technically is made to convert the energy of photons within sunlight to electric energy. And to accomplish this process, there is no extra process but only the direct conversion of sunlight into electricity.

A solar PV cell is normally found to have less amount of electric power and therefore, cells are connected in series and parallel to obtain a higher amount of electric power. And the concluded device from this connection is called a solar PV panel.

Solar PV panels’ bundle or kit is then integrated with batteries to obtain electric energy storage or battery bank. The solar PV kits and batteries are normally integrated into areas that are off-grid. Lithium iron batteries are best-suited with off-grid solar PV kits and can give you amazing performance. for example, an off-grid solar kit with this type of battery is effectively more reliable and acceptable.

When thinking about a battery bank to be integrated with a solar power system, the lithium iron battery can simply be the best choice for you. Its high efficiency and long-life cycle are the main reasons, the world is concentrating on its implementation in solar systems and especially in areas that are off-grid.



Off-grid Life and Energy Storage Methods in Australia

 While thinking to go off the grid and staying being self-sufficient, different countries have different regulations and laws. In Australia, one is free to decide between going off the grid or staying connected to the grids (different surveys indicate that about 2% of Australians live off the grid). In addition to the far villages in Australia, people in the urban areas can even go off the grid.

The most preferable choice to the majority of Australians is to install solar PV kits with batteries to be self-sufficient from the grids. Thus, this is the case where lithium iron batteries come into the ground and can dominate all the markets of such batteries that are to be integrated with solar PV kits.


SolarKing Lithium Iron Batteries

In this fast-growing and developing age, the world is paying attention to solar energy utilization (basically in off-grid zones) and enhancement rather than other types of energies. As this type of energy is renewable, clean and more economically beneficial than its rivals.

SolarKing, without any doubt, is the best technology in the lithium iron battery world for shipping your off-grid life. SolarKing lithium iron batteries contain several packages with particular specifications. Hence, one can purchase any of its intended packages concerned with its cost.

SolarKing lithium iron battery comes in both 12v and 24v and with an energy storing capacity ranging from only 7Ah to 240 Ah to quench your thirst for storing energy. Most significantly, it can withstand more than 2000 charge-discharge cycles, which is obviously more satisfying in an off-grid solar system.

Solarking lithium Batteries:


Wednesday, 16 Mar 2022

Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Reviews - Solarking

Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Review - 1.  

“I am monitoring the improvements since fitting the 2 Solarking roof fans to my home to give others an idea of the change the solar exhaust fans have made.

The house is 180Sqm single storey with a tile roof and 2 fans, temperature sensor is in the roof minimum 10M from each fan (sensor is in the middle of the roof place on the insulation). The roof has no foil under the tiles or in the walls and there are no under eave vents fitted but the roof is well insulated. The roof gets limited shade in the morning and none past 11am in summer time. The house has one fan on the north side of the roof pointed slight North West. The second fan is on the western side of the roof point North West.

The house in summers prior to the fans being fitted reached over 70°. Here I have recorded some temperatures on extreme heat days below to give an idea of how much cooler the roof is now. The house has two aircon’s one small 3.2KW in a bedroom and one 6.5KW in the lounge room. Since installing the fans we can now just run the 3.2KW inverter aircon on full power to cool the whole house even on the 40+ degree days. Many days when the ambient temp is in the high 20’s low 30’s we no longer run any air conditioning let alone the big 6.5KW unit like before.

Very Sunny day no cloud 43° max ambient temp, max temp in the roof 52.8°
Sunny with some high cloud 40° max ambient temp, max temp in the roof 49.0°
Sunny Day no cloud 32° max ambient temp, max temp in the roof 40.3°
Cloudy day no sun 28° max ambient temp, max temp in the roof 30.2°

Also I have noticed with monitoring the roof temperature very closely is how fast the roof cools at night once the sun goes down. Within about 3 hours the roof temp is the same as the outside ambient temp. I guess this is due to the roof temperature not getting as hot as before so it can get back to the outside temperature quicker.” David, Melbourne.


Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Review - 2

‘’We installed a solar System and solar fan last week, both works fantastic the fan helps to take the heat out of the roof and save even more on electricity” - Derek, Adelaide.



Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Review - 3

“I recently had two units installed and I have to say my wife and I felt an instant change in the temperature and feel of the air inside our house. Our 15 kw ducted aircon has struggled to keep our large open floor plan cool from day one it now feels cool light and airy with no aircon. 

Since having the two solar king units installed our aircon is set to 24 degrees and fan speed is now only on 1 where it was always on 3,👍 very impressed.” - Kevin, Qld.

Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Review - 4

"They are a good unit, They have reduced our lounge temperature (Cathedral Roof) by 8 -to 10 Degrees compared to the old Whirly bird – No needed the aircon this afternoon for the first time ever on a plus 30 degree day – its good" - Paul, South Brisbane.

Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Review - 5

“We had one installed just before summer last October, best investment ever, what was once hot, humid and stuffy to come home to after being out all day, the coolness and freshness is a dramatic difference”. - Donna.

Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Review - 6

"I have one installed in my garage. It’s a flat roof metal garage and used to get very hot. The fan works wonders and is certainly a big improvement. To make it even better I have added a small solar controller and 12 volt battery. This way you get a constant speed and it operates into the evening as well. Still uses the inbuilt thermostat to cut on/off at something like 25 degrees". - Craig, Canberra. 




Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Review - 7

“Yep best thing we had fitted .... power bills down as the ducted air conditioning never had to work so hard” – Che Barden, Vic.


Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Review - 8

“I have two in the house, tin roof and beamed ceilings, works awesomely. Have also got one installed in my welding bay and it takes hot air and fumes out. Absolutely fantastic and dropped weld bay temp by 10°c last summer.” – Carl Peter, WA.


Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Review - 9

 “I have a house with exposed beams and pine tongue and groove ceiling so no gap as well and I installed one 7 years ago. The best thing ever and air conditioner actually cooled the house. I would highly recommend this product.” – Vikki Jose, Qld. 


Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Review - 10

"Just put my roof fan on the roof today 28c outside. We would normally turn the air conditioning on for most of the day. But we are only running the ceiling fan in the lunch room. Can not recommend the solar roof fan enough. So simple to install. Tomorrow is meant to be 38c here will be a good test for it. I think it will work awesome. Can't wait to put one on the shed roof." - Darren, Vic.  


Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Review - 11

"For the last few years, every day when I got home from work, I'd switch the air con on, turn on the ceiling fans, open the windows in the bedrooms for a little while to try to exhaust some of the heat in the house. Even in the evenings, when it was cooler outside, the house was still hot in the bedrooms and kitchen where the air conditioner had no effect. Spoke to the guys at SatPlus and they explained that most of the heat is sealed inside the roof space. With this heat sealed inside the roof, the house would stay hot until later in the night and through the night at times. So, I installed one of these solar roof fans on one side of the house. Next day after work, when I got home, what a difference. The laundry which was usually super hot, was now only mildly warm and one of the bedrooms which was unbearable to sleep in was now quite comfortable. What a difference the solar fan has made and we'll be installing another one on the other side which will help cool that side of the house too. Feel free to use this as a testimonial, thanks”
- Mark, QLD. 

Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Review - 12 


“Hi Carla, just after an independent recommendation. Is the unit noisy and do you notice the difference in temperature. Thinking of getting 1 or 2. Tossing up whether to put more insulation in or install vents” - Darren.

“Darren, it is not that noisy, and it definitely made a difference in temperature. I got two in a standard/small roof and would recommend. I replaced two whirlybirds and it was noticeable.” - Carla. 

Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Review - 13

"Yes, it is effective. We have turned our aircon on once since we have had them installed. The one up the hallway above bedrooms is a lifesaver!!!" - Jan Graham, Vic. 

Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Review - 14

"Love mine!!! Haven't turned on my aircon since installed! 41 - 43 degree days! Roller shutters and double glazing help, But had them for years still noticed the difference!." - Christine, Inverleigh.   

Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Review - 15

"So over the Christmas holidays, we had this little beauty installed. Solarking Solar powered exhaust fan, comes on through the day only and only if the temperature is over 26deg. It is quite loud due to no ceiling in the shed, but once the fans are on you canty hear it. The shed has been locked for 2 weeks and the difference it has made is unbelievable, it was so cool. The amount of air it moves is amazing and working in the shed is so much cooler. Thanks to I clean solar Gladstone another great job and well worth it." - BJC Auto, Gladstone. 

Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Review - 16


"We’ve installed Solarking roof ventilation fan last year. We live in the tropics and I’ve got about 5000lrs of aquariums in the house so mould was a real concern for us. We’ve got one of these things on the roof and ceiling vents above the fish tanks and have never had any mould at all 😁" - Allan, QLD. 


Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Review - 17

"Hi there we just got 2 solarking roof fans installed last week,, and we have noticed a big difference in house temp already,, thanks for producing such a great device" - Donald Cole, Wollongong NSW 

Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Review - 18

“We have one installed on our air Crete dome, does a good job.” - Sandii Lewis (Living off grid).


Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Review - 19

"This semi detached garage suffers from excessive heat and moisture build-up common this time of year. The whirlybird previously installed was helping but very little. We took the opportunity to get our gas industry test equipment out to show the difference a Solarking Roof vent makes with a simple smoke test.🤓

What wasn't expected is that it would rain for 3+days as soon as the fan was installed. With the Solarking in it's pulse mode due to the low solar energy available at the time, we can see the amazing result versus an average whirlybird performance. Remember this is an almost worst-case scenario for the roof vent. 

What I can tell you is the garage is now much drier, cooler & has a lighter feeling to the space in general & once the sun comes out again it will only get better. We are impressed with the performance and we believe it is the future" - Venturi Industries, Gold Coast.


For More:

Monday, 21 Jan 2019

SolarKing Lithium LiFePo4 Battery Review

Lithium LiFePo4 Battery Review - 1

 “I have SolarKing lithium batteries in my off-grid rural residence (10×100Ah in a series parallel 24v system with passive balancing) & based on that success over last 15 months helping to deliver 5kWh daily, I've just installed 2x150Ah (second generation, parallel 12v) in our caravan and yacht with a huge weight saving. My only gripe is that I would have liked to have better manufacturer advice on optimum charging profiles so I can configure my MPPT solar chargers. Other than that, so far I'm very happy.” - Mark, Nsw. 


Lithium LiFePo4 Battery Review - 2

“My 2 solar king 100ahs have replaced 2 x120ah agms and are holding up well with inverter to the point where I am using inverter and induction cooker more and even using electric hot water on the right day.” - Graeme, Woodonga.

Lithium LiFePo4 Battery Review - 3

"I can recommend these, my van is set up with 2x200ah Solarking lithium batteries and 900W solar panels. I have a 3000W inverter and run a 2.5kw household inverter A/C unit during summer daytime no problem." - Peter Booth, TAS.   

Lithium LiFePo4 Battery Review - 4
"I have Solarking 150ah, it's has been awesome. I haven't started my car in 4 weeks I have 100w solar panels in the roof, my 45lt still on hold 2-4 degrees. Batteries sits around 13.2v all day everyday." - David Maunder, Adelaide. 



Lithium LiFePo4 Battery Review - 5

"I am running the solarking 100ah bought from trailer camper Aus in Canberra as wanted a local warranty. Running from 6 months now, no issues, does exactly as described. Mounted under my rare draw wing, paired with RedArc BCDC1225D." - Mitchell, Canberra. 



Lithium LiFePo4 Battery Review - 6

"My 3 SolarKings are going okay from what I can tell. My van is parked up under a carport at present, so the 4 roof-mounted solar panels aren't working. However, I've added a small folding solar panel to the side of the carport, where it gets the morning sun for maybe 5 or 6 hours tops.

Every week or so I go and check through the boot door, where I can look at the Enerdrive DC2DC unit and it always says "FUL", so I guess the batteries are being maintained okay.

When I did have it out they were running the van quite okay. I only tried the 1800w inverter once, and that was to boil a 1000w little kettle I bought to use instead of the gas kettle. That little kettle was pretty slow, but the batteries did the job okay.

We tend not to run anything "big" off the inverter....have a microwave which we've only used once and a washing machine that we've never used at all. They're the only big draw items we'd be likely to use.

Not to worry, I'll keep my fingers crossed that these ones last me for at least 5 years....and I'll be happy to replace them after that if need be." - Rodney, WA.


Lithium LiFePo4 Battery Review - 7

"I've just ripped out four 100ah AGMs from the caravan and installed three Solar King 100ah Lithiums. I'm still using the Projecta 50amp 240v charger and the Morningstar 60amp solar gizmo. The caravan didn't previously have a DC-DC charger, so I'm fitting a Enerdrive DC2DC 40+ amp charger using the existing Anderson plug wiring. Weight saving is enormous: 220kg out and about 50kg back in. I couldn't be happier with how these units are performing." - Roachie. 


Lithium LiFePo4 Battery Review - 8


"I'm absolutely wrapped in my SolarKing battery. I purchased a 150a for our Jayco Flamingo and couldn't be happier. We typically camp off grid and run a 12v Waeco 110L fridge in the van. With a Redarc 1224D BCDC charger and about 300w solar it is happy days. I installed a lithium of another brand late in 2019 and it was a fail. I thought the benefits of Lithium were just too good to be true. I'm really pleased to say it isn't and the SolarKing has met all my needs...and then some." - Carlo. 



Lithium LiFePo4 Battery Review - 9


"Yep got 2×100ah units as drop in replacements. Awesome. Four times the capacity of old dinosaur 2×120ah AGMs they replaced and 50kg lighter. They also charge better. Max my AGMs would take from 450watts solar was 15-18 amps in full midday sun. The LiFePO4 suck in 25amps from mid morning." - Cliff Hill, Vic.

Lithium LiFePo4 Battery Review - 10

"My camper 2x 100ah, My parent's caravan 2x100ah, My 4wd 1x100ah. All going well so far." - Ashley, WA. 





Lithium LiFePo4 Battery Review - 11


"The SolarKing has been absolutely excellent and I've tested it out quite a bit over recent months with nothing but praise. I have a 150a in a Jayco running a Waeco 110L 2 way 12/240v fridge, pump, lights and projector for kids videos through a Redarc and it has been sensational thus far." - Matt, NSW.


Lithium LiFeP04 Battery Review - 12

"Can recommend these batteries. I’ve had 2 x 120ah Solarking lithium’s in our camper trailer for 18 months now and very happy with them. Big weight saving too." - JIM GRAHAM.

Lithium LiFeP04 Battery Review - 13

"Bought 2 x 100AH for the caravan, trying them out this weekend at Brunswick Junction, WA. Weather miserable and raining. 4 days so far, using an inverter for the microwave, lights, TV etc, Batteries at 13.2 v dropped to 13.1 and back up to 13.2 every day with solar panels charging it, no sun. Best thing I've done." - Ian Thomas. 

Lithium LiFeP04 Battery Review - 14

"I installed a 200ah SolarKing lithium battery 6 months ago on a purely 'drop in' basis. 290w solar via Jayco PWM reg & Jayco Setec Charger/House management system. 7000km on road, including dirt & off grid, otherwise parked at home & solar does the charging. Another short trip soon then nothing planned, so i will disconnect the battery until May. So far not a problem:)" - Steve. 

Lithium LiFeP04 Battery Review - 15

"i m impressed with your batteries(SolarKing), especially after-sales service. i have been using solarking for over 2 years now. thx guys !" - Dave, NSW. 

Lithium LiFeP04 Battery Review - 16

"I have two solarking 100ah in my caravan and we lived in it for three weeks continuous on our bush block, running lights, TV, fans, microwave, radio and charging phones etc. never dropped below 13v, just charging with two 130w panels and a 20 amp victron controller." - Ian, VIC. 

Lithium LiFeP04 Battery Review - 17

"We have this battery and a Victron 712 Bluetooth on it in our Y62 Patrol, love it!.Will put the solarking 120 in when the camper needs a new battery.On our scales camper AGM was just over 30kg solarking 100 lithium was just over 11kg!! Just awesome!" - Alex, NSW. 



For More About Solarking Lithium Batteries...

Monday, 01 Jun 2020

Solar Roof Ventilation VS Whirlybird


Solar Roof Ventilation VS Whirlybird


While building a new home or renovating the current one- the most obvious question that comes to mind is - whether a solar roof vent or whirlybird is better. Well, if you’re also stuck in some such situation where you are not able to make out whether to go with solar roof vent or whirlybird, then this post is for you. Here in this post, I am trying to share with you all about both the options, so that making decisions is easy for you……

Here we go………

Let’s start with Whirlybirds

Of course, whirlybirds are the most common form of roof ventilation as they’re cheap and are easy to install. But the question is - is that all you are looking for? I am sure that’s not enough!

Undoubtedly, whirlybirds are cheap and their installation is also cost-effective, but it is highly unlikely that a single whirlybird will provide sufficient ventilation at your home or workplace. Only if you have an adequate number of whirlybirds (one or two whirlybirds are not going to work unless your home is very small), they may provide an appropriate amount of ventilation and cooling. Which simply means you will need many whirlybirds in order to make an impact on energy efficiency, but that will increase the cost automatically. 

Another issue with whirlybirds is - in winters whirlybirds do not maintain the heat of the room. Actually whirlybirds are designed in such a way that they lose heat in winters, which will ultimately increase your electricity bills during winters as you will end up using heaters and other electrical equipment. 

Because of the same flaw, whirlybirds do not provide enough cooling during the summer months as well, as they don’t work without enough wind. So, during hot summers when the weather is very hot and there is no wind, whirlybirds will be next to useless as they won’t extract hot air from your home. However, there are whirlybirds which are designed specifically for the time when there is no wind, but these whirlybirds run on the turbine and are pricey.

Solar Roof Ventilation

Solar roof vents, on the other hand, offers guaranteed long term advantages. How you ask…….

Here is how…….

Solar roof vents simply extract hot air in your attic through the roof vents. They basically help you keep your home cool during the summer season, lower your energy consumption, and keep your attic ventilated. Solar roof vents allow cooled outdoor air to fill your home through eave vents. That means your air conditioner no need to work so hard to cool your house. For instance, if it takes your air-con around 10 mins to cool your house, now after installing solar roof vents it takes only 5 mins to cool the same house. It reduces the pressure on your ducted air conditioner and makes it work efficiently. You only need to turn your AC on when its more than 35 degrees outside. Moreover, you don’t get any cosy and stuffy nights due to humid weather and your house naturally cools down at night when you extract all the roof cavity at day time with solar roof vents.    

A solar roof vent helps to reduce moisture and humidity indoors, thereby keeping your house cool in summer and hot and cosy in winters. Believe you me, having solar roof vent at home will help you have the best summers indoors!! 

Unlike whirlybirds that can extract only 100 cubic meters of air per hour, solar roof vents can extract up to 2100 cubic meters of air per hour. It simply means that one solar roof vent is equivalent to 20 whirlybirds.   


A solar roof vent system comprises of small solar panel that is used to feed power to a fan that is fitted inside the frame. Unlike a typical whirlybird, solar roof vent panels get activated the moment internal roof temperatures goes above 25 degrees Celsius. 

Another most important benefit of having solar roof vent is - you won’t lose indoor heat during winter because the built-in thermostat allows the unit to run when it is required. For instance, if the roof temperature reaches less than 25 degrees, the thermostat will allow the unit to run and in the process you don’t lose any heat during winters or cooler months. While whirlybirds lack this feature due to which you lose heat in winter.

Therefore, we can say that solar roof vent performs the same functions as whirlybirds but more efficiently and effectively. You will need one solar roof vent for every 20 whirlybirds that allows you to save money in installation costs as well.

Final Verdict…….

Hence, we can conclude that solar roof ventilation systems are designed with energy efficiency in mind. You may be paying more money to install a solar roof ventilation system but believe you me – you won’t regret your decision of investing in solar roof ventilation, because you will get that money back with great ventilation all year round as well as by getting a huge reduction in your electricity bills. So, it is recommended to install solar roof vents. And for optimal performance and great ventilation, we recommend installing only SolarKing solar roof vents!! 

Contact us for more details about pricing, installation and other considerations!!



Tuesday, 19 Nov 2019

​Lithium liFePo4 battery Vs Lead Acid Battery By SolarKing

Lithium liFePo4 battery Vs Lead Acid Battery

Comparing a Lithium iron phosphate (liFePo4) battery with lead acid battery is like comparing a new Maserati with a used Mercedes. Lithium liFePo4 battery is better than the lead acid battery in every measurable aspect; however, a Lithium liFePo4 battery cost twice more than a lead acid battery. Considering the long-term benefits of Lithium liFePo4 battery, it pays to buy a battery two times higher in cost than lead acid battery. For the extra cost, you get several benefits with a Lithium liFePo4 battery. Below are the details about the difference between both the batteries that can help you decide which one to buy.




There’s not much difference between the capacity of both batteries. The lead acid battery and liFePo4 battery gives the same output. The capacity of lead acid is 110 Ampere per hour is equivalent to the capacity of 100 Ampere Lithium liFePo4 battery. Both offers same voltage 12v & 24v but the main difference is Battery Management System and Active Cell Balancing technology. Lead acid batteries don’t have BMS and ACB, but most of the new lithium lifepo4 Batteries has this technology. This automatic process can help batteries to last long without any human intervention. 



Avg. Life Span


When it comes to the average life span, the lead acid battery is nowhere near to Lithium liFePo4 battery. A Lithium LiFePo4 battery lasts at least seven years more than a lead acid battery. The average life span of a lead acid battery is only about three years. That, too, is only achievable when you prevent the lead acid battery from deeply discharging. What makes liFePo4 batteries last longer is that they’re less susceptible to issues due to deep discharging. Lithium batteries can last up to 10 years and you can also repair it if you have any issues. 


Lithium lifePo4 Battery Cycles DOD:  

Cycles @ 100% DOD: DOD 2000 Cycles

Cycles @  80% DOD: DOD 3000 Cycles

Cycles @  50% DOD: DOD 3500 Cycles

Cycles @  30% DOD: DOD 8000 Cycles




Lithium liFePo4 battery is half the weight of a lead acid battery. Therefore, if you want a better battery to keep in your motorhome or caravan, then a Lithium battery is the way to go. A Lithium battery for caravan enables you to reduce the amount of load on your vehicle, which eventually leads to better fuel efficiency and weight balance. A 100ah Lithium liFePo4 battery weighs around 13 kg only while a 110ah lead acid battery is 30 kg. 


Max current 


The max current of a Lithium liFePo4 battery is 100A, while a lead acid battery has 400A max current. In case you need max current for a shorter period, then Lithium liFePo4 battery is a better choice. The max current capacity of a lead acid battery decreases if you draw max current quickly.

A Lithium battery for the caravan is a better choice than a lead acid battery. Because the devices in a motorhome or caravan are not heavier and you don't necessarily require max current for a longer period, so liFePo4 battery is a better option. A high current load can quickly diminish the rated capacity of a lead-acid battery. It's not recommended to use maximum current at any point of time. 




Lithium liFePo4 batteries are serviceable, and if you give due maintenance to your battery, it will last longer than their average life and performs efficiently. If something goes wrong with the battery, you can repair or replace any of the internal parts and reuse it again. Lead acid batteries are not serviceable and you need to change the whole battery if something goes wrong. This is the main reason most of the users replace lead acid batteries after two to three years. 


Note: Not all the lithium batteries are serviceable, make sure you ask the supplier whether the batteries are serviceable or not.   




Lead acid batteries beat lithium ones in terms of price and lithium batteries cost twice or thrice than the lead acid batteries. Lithium liFePo4 battery is costly than a lead acid battery; however, extra benefits & longer life span makes it a superior choice. The price of a 100ah Lithium liFePo4 battery is around $695, and lead acid battery costs around $349. 


This is the comparison between Solarking lithium LifePo4 Batteries and Solarking Lead Acid Battery. For More Information about Solarking Lithium LifePo4 Batteries, click the link below…







Thursday, 04 Jun 2020

SolarKing Privacy Policy



This privacy policy sets out how SolarKing Pty Ltd uses, discloses and protects any personal information that you provide or that we collect, when you use this website or that we collect directly from you. We are committed to ensuring that your personal information is protected. If we ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified when using this website, it will only be used in accordance with this privacy policy and the Australian Privacy Principles. If you do not wish to provide personal information to us then you do not have to do so, but it may affect your use of this website or the products and services offered on it. We may change this policy from time to time by updating this page. You should check this page regularly to ensure that you are at all times aware of the current policy. This policy is effective from 10 May 2018. If you do not wish to provide personal information to us, then you do not have to do so, however it may affect your use of this website or any products and services offered on it.

Collection of personal information

We may ask you to provide the following information:

- name;

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- other information relevant to sales and/or promotions.

We do not collect sensitive information about visitors to our website. As with most online businesses, we may log information about your access and use of our Site, including through the use of Internet cookies, your communications with our Site, the type of browser you are using, the type of operating system you are using and the domain name of your Internet service provider. We may contact you to voluntarily respond to questionnaires, surveys or market research to seek your opinion and feedback. Providing this information is optional to you. If we receive your personal information from third parties, we will protect it as set out in this Policy.

Use of personal information

We collect and use the personal information for purposes including:

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- to customise the website according to your interests.

Controlling your personal information

You may choose to restrict the collection or use of your personal information in the following ways:

- whenever you are asked to fill in a form on the website, look for the box that you can click to indicate that you do not want the information to be used for direct marketing purposes; and

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If you believe that any information we hold on you is inaccurate, out of date, incomplete, irrelevant or misleading, please email us at We will respond to any request within a reasonable time and will endeavour to promptly correct any personal information found to be incorrect so that the personal information is accurate, up to date, complete, relevant and not misleading.


If you believe that we have breached the Australian Privacy Principles and wish to make a complaint about that breach then please email us at setting out details of the breach. We will promptly investigate your complaint and respond to you in writing setting out the outcome of our investigation, what steps we propose to take to remedy the breach and any other action we will take to deal with your complaint. 

Storage and Security

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Links to other websites

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Amendments to this policy

This policy may be amended from time to time. Your continued use of our website following any such amendments will be deemed to be confirmation that you accept those amendments. 

Thursday, 11 Jun 2020

How To Install Solar Roof Vent By Solarking


How to install a solar roof vent?


Before we know how to install a solar roof vent, I would want to tell you the benefits of having a solar roof ventilation fan installed at your home or workplace.

Solar Roof Ventilation Fan

Solar Roof Ventilation Fans are a great alternative to fight back extreme weather conditions. Solar roof ventilation fan simply extracts hot and dry air from the roof and keeps your house cool. Summers in any country across the world becomes unbearable, especially when the temperature continues to rise. And the truth is not everybody can afford huge electricity bills. However, a great solution to tackle this is Solar Roof Ventilation Fan. The SolarKing Solar Roof ventilation fan replaces the hot air in your roof space in summer with the cooler outside air, which makes it easy and comfortable indoors even when outside weather in summers is extreme. Multiple SolarKing solar roof ventilation fans can be used on larger or double-storey homes or buildings.

Installation of SolarKing Solar Roof Vent, Easy Install and Superior Performance

The SolarKing Roof Ventilation Fan is easy to install. One can install it all by themselves. Also, the SolarKing 320MM Solar Roof Vent can easily be mounted either on a tiled roof or ridged metal roofs. Also, the unit has an adjustable tilt solar panel for use on non-north facing roofs or flat roofs. Besides, for installing solar roof ventilation fan on the tiled roof, only 1 roof tiles are required to be removed. While, for metal roofs just a 300mm opening will be required to fit the solar roof ventilation fan.

Moreover, it is recommended to have the brushless DC motor, it makes the operation quiet and assures the motor will have a long life. Also, brushless motors are far more efficient compared to other motors.

Here is how to install Solar Roof Vent on a Metal / Colorbond roof……

Here are step by step instructions and the list of tools that will be required to install a solar roof ventilation fan.

Believe you me, installing solar roof fans is easy even if you are doing it for the first time. A solar roof fan can be installed in just 10 easy steps. Doing it for the first time may take a longer than expected, but gradually the process starts to look easier. Here are the steps:

1.     First things first, take your ladder and reach into your roof and choose the right location. Mark the location where you want to have your fan installed, mark between two rafters. Make sure you choose a location that allows for balanced airflow throughout the roof. Always install the vent next to ridge capping to avoid any leaks. 


2.     Slide the top edge of the flashing up under the ridge capping of the roof (remove 2 ridge capping screws to do this) as per Figure 2. It is important to position the flashing is not covering any roofing screws, the roofing screws running from the top to the bottom of the roof are where the rafters are located. Once positioned mark a circle on the inside edge of the flashing.

3.     Following the circle marked on the roof cut the roof as per figure 3 using a metal bladed saw or tin snips. If there is any foil under the metal sheets cut a cross in the foil and fold back the corners. Tip: Take care not to cut into any battens/rafters under the roof sheet when cutting.

4.     Slide the flashing back up under the roof capping and refit the 2 ridge capping screws through the flashing and bend the edges of the flashing down on the left and right sides of the flashing to create a tight fit with the roof. Then using tin snips to cut notches in the bottom of the flashing to suit the corrugations of the roof and bend the notches down. Then silicon the underside of the edges and the outside of the edges and the underside and outside of the bottom section of the flashing. Note: Don’t silicon the valleys on the bottom of the flashing.

5.     As per figure 4 use up a minimum of 8 (but up to 12) tech or roof screws with rubber seals along the left, right and bottom of the flashing to secure to the roof. Note: Tech screws and roofing screws are not included

6.     As per figure 4 fit a minimum of 1 rafter/batten strap (2 supplied). The strap folds over the circular ridge on the flashing and can either be screwed or nailed through the strap.


7.     Place the main body of the fan over the flashing as per figure 5. Turn the main body of the fan left or right to suit the direction required for the solar panel (Tip: Aim between North and West to best suit the sun in warmer months)

8.     As per figure 6 using a powered screw driver, screw at least 4 small tech screws through the pre-drilled holes in the fan main body through into the flashing. (Tip: You may not be able to get the top tech screw in place as the angle of the roof may prevent this, in this case you can simply screw the tech screw into another section where the main body is over the flashing)

9.     As per figure 7 you can now adjust the angle of the solar panel to receive maximum sun during the mid afternoon in the warmer months. As the pitch of many roofs in parts of Australia are already at a good angle for the summer time sun you may just be able to leave the panel in the down position as it is supplied from the factory, no need to do anything. To adjust the angle of the solar panels up just adjust the 2 arms to the correct angle and tighten the screws.

10.  Fitting under the eave vents as per figure 8 to the side of the house that is cool in the afternoon will allow the cooler outside air to be drawn into the roof space. These are especially required when the roof has foil under the tiles, but regardless eave vents will improve airflow.


Parts Included in Solarking Roof Ventilation Kit: 1x Solar Fan, 1x Flexible Flashing, 5x Tech Screws, 2x Rafter/batten Straps


Thursday, 06 Feb 2020

Top 3 Best property maintenance companies in Australia

Investing in property is a golden opportunity for growing your money safely, but it requires a lot of maintenance and time. However, if you will not maintain the property properly, its value will depreciate, causing loss. This is why you need to be on top of the best property maintenance companies in Australia. We have compiled a list for your assistance in this article. These are some of the best property maintenance services you can find if you live in Australia.

1.  SBS Australia property maintenance

SBS Australia property maintenance has been in the home maintenance sector for about two decades. All of these years have provided them with the experience that they need in this field to excel. The best thing about SBS Australia is that they will discuss everything with you beforehand, so you know what you're getting into.


Everything will be discussed thoroughly so that nothing comes off as a surprise for you. This discussion is important because it will set the requirements you need for the maintenance process over your property. SBS Australia will take care of your requirements about the design or your budget for you so that you are comfortable with the process.

SBS Australia Service Advantages:

  • Experience of 2 decades
  • Highly skilled employees
  • Best pricing compared to other two
  • Great customer service
  • Available 24/7
  • Main services plumbing, electrical, maintenance & cleaning.

2.  Programmed property maintenance

Programmed property maintenance is a house maintenance service based out of Australia and New Zealand. They have been in the maintenance industry for about six decades which is enough for all the experience that one would need to be perfect for house maintenance services.


The best part is that they have more than 2000 employees that can handle bigger projects and finish them in record time. No matter how big your project is or how short the deadline is, the staff at program property maintenance will take care of it. They offer services like painting, signage, etc. On top of this, they will also take care of your lawns and make them look aesthetic and fresh.


Programmed Service Advantages:

  • More than 6 decades of experience
  • More than 2000 employees
  • Great work ethic


3.  React property maintenance

React property maintenance is a commercial property maintenance service. They specialize in electrical maintenance services. Therefore,  if you have anything that you need to fix regarding the electrical wiring in your house or property, then react property maintenance is probably the best commercial property maintaining service that you can find in Australia.


They have survived in this competitive industry for so long because of their sheer commitment to their work. The employees at React property maintenance have a strong work ethic that helps them get done with everything in time. However, the speed of the work does not mean that the quality is compromised.


React Service Advantages:

  • Employees are highly committed
  • Competitive prices
  • Timely delivery of work


Key Takeaways:

Buying property is an amazing way to grow your money over time. However, if you do not take care of your property over time, all that investment can go to waste. It is because the value of your property would depreciate if you will not maintain it properly. This is why you should be on top of maintaining your property with services such as SBS Australia property maintenance.


These companies will take care of your property for you so your investment can grow over time. And if you are availing of maintenance services for your house, it will look better over decades with their help.

Have you found the blog post helpful? If you have any other queries, let us know in the comment section below.

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Wednesday, 16 Mar 2022

How solar roof vents work to keep your house cool?

The warmth of summer initially brings relief from a long, cold winter. But the truth remains, summer weather brings its own set of issues. Especially when the climate is at its peak, extreme climatic conditions, especially hot summers can cause potential damage to the interior as well as to the exterior of your house. For instance; your roof. Believe it or not, roofs are highly susceptive to heat damage. More often than not, attics are without any airflow, and that’s the reason roofs are the hottest part of the house during summers. Besides, due to excess of heat and moisture under the roof, your rooms get heated up. 


And it becomes really unbearable to stay indoors as well. Of course, people buy ACs to fight back such scorching summers, but AC is quite an expensive solution, which is also not good for the environment. So, what is the way out then??? 


Well, the one and only solution that can help you to reduce your electricity bills and allow you to keep the entire house cool is – Solar Roof Vents! Yes, solar roof vents are the most effective and affordable option to save on money and reduce the usage of coal-based energy with free solar energy. Solar roof vents not only help to cool your attic in the summer but also help mitigate the issues such as moisture build-up, growth of mould and fungus etc. 


Now the question is how solar vents work to keep your house cool??

Solar roof vents simply draw warmer indoor air up into the attic through the roof vents. They basically help you keep your home cool during the summer season, lower your energy consumption, and you’re your attic ventilated. Solar roof vents allow cooled outdoor air to fill your home through eve vents. Basically, the sunlight that falls directly on the roof vent is nothing but energy, that energy is transformed into power, which makes the motor inside the vent spin, which in turn extract the heat in roof space, indoors and exchange it with cool air. 

A solar roof vent helps to reduce moisture and humidity indoors, thereby keeping your house cool and cosy even in summers. Believe you me, having solar roof vent at home will help you have the best summers indoors!! Solar roof vents can extract up to 2100 cubic meters of air per hour whereas normal traditional whirlybird can extract only 100 cubic meters per hour. Which makes one solar roof vent is equivalent to 20 whirlybirds.   

Benefits of Using Solar Power Roof Vents

  • Solar roof vents are effective, affordable and environmentally friendly
  • Solar roof vents can extract 2100 cubic meters of air per hour
  • Reduces your roof temperature by up to 30 degrees.
  • Solar roof vents help reduce your home's cooling costs up to 30%
  • Solar roof vents help to cool your attic and prevent moisture buildup and provide protection from mould growth.
  • Solar roof vents keep your indoor fresh and pleasant.    
  • Solar roof vents prolong the life of your roof.
  • Solar roof vents need no electrical wiring, no battery backup. 
  • Solar roof vents can withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Solar roof vents use solar energy means on ongoing costs.

Different parts used in Solar Roof Vents:

DC Motor: A DC motor is a rotary electric motor that helps convert direct current electrical energy into mechanical energy. It rotates with the speed of 1600 RPM per second & extract up to 2100 cubic meters of air per hour.

Solar Panel: Solar panels absorb sunlight as a source of energy and generate direct current electricity that is used in commercial and residential applications. It has 35 watts capacity to power the brushless dc motor.

Thermostat: A thermostat is another component that is used in solar roof vents. Thermostats are used in a device or system that heats or cools to a set point temperature, for instance building heating, central heating, air conditioners, HVAC systems, etc. It allows the unit to run only when it required, for instance unit shut down automatically when the roof temperature reaches less than 25 degrees. So that you don’t lose any heat in winter and cooler months. Whirlybirds won’t have this feature and you will lose heat in winter.

Fan Blades: A solar roof fan comprises of a rotating arrangement of blades which act on the air. Usually, fans are powered by electric motors, but solar roof vents use solar energy to convert it to power.They can rotate with 1600 RPM with the help of brushless dc motor and they don’t make any noise.  

Now the next question is where to buy solar roof vents from???


SolarKing is the one-stop solution for all your solar roof ventilation needs. The SolarKing Solar Roof Vents are rated as Australia’s best and leading manufacturer. Solarking offers the best price when compared to anyone on the market. It is 100% Australian owned and operated business running from 22 years. SolarKing vents are durable and can withstand any temperature. Solarking roof vents come with 2-year full warranty and 10 years for the solar panel. SolarKing vents help lower energy usage in the home or workplace and support lower carbon emissions. SolarKing’s Roof Vents can extract up to 2100 cubic meters of air per hour and reduce your roof temperature by up to 30 degrees. Also, SolarKing helps you to reduce energy bills and create a more comfortable, cleaner home or workspace.


SolarKing solar roof vents comes in two variants 1. Roof Fan & 2. Wall Fan, depending on the material used in your roof and the slope of your roof. SolarKIng vents can be installed under the roof, on the wall, mounted on the roof, or in the gable vents of the attic in older homes that have adequate airflow. You can also use solarking solar roof vents for animals sheds and shipping containers.

So what are you waiting for???? Just get a solarKing solar roof vent installed at your attic and get ready to fight back extreme summers and mold and fungus in winters!!


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Saturday, 16 Nov 2019

Solar Roof Ventilation For Homes & Sheds



Solar roof ventilation for homes & sheds

The way electricity prices are rising, it seems that in future it is going to be very difficult for each one of us to handle monthly expenses smoothly. Especially, in summers the bills are just double because there are ACs and other utility items required to beat the heat. And the most unfortunate part is – it is going to get worse! Because electricity prices are going high and the main reason is the depletion of coal on a daily basis. Besides, there are other reasons that are responsible for the increase in electricity rates.

Also, ACs are costly commodities, not everybody can afford them to cool the entire house. Even if somebody could afford to buy an AC, the regular maintenance is very costly. Besides, ACs are mostly depend on electricity to run and it affects our environment adversely and also disturbs the whole ecosystem. All in all, ACs and their bills are not in everybody’s pocket. So, what to do, should people who can’t afford AC bear the heat as it is???. 

No, not at all! Fortunately, there is a solution. Yes, there is a solution and the solution is very natural and budget friendly – that’s solar roof vent. So, now you don’t need to bother about the heat in summers because you have the solution now. All you have to do is to simply get solar roof ventilation installed at your home and enjoy a pleasant environment indoors. 

Believe you me, solar roof fans are the best solution for keeping your home cool during the hot summers. Solar roof vent simply extracts all the heat and moisture from your rooms and keep your room cool. Solar roof vents come with the solar panel, so no household electricity is required to run the unit. Not only this, but solar roof ventilation also help you save a fortune. You may find it bizarre right now, but the truth is - once you only need to spend on solar roof vents and you can simply reduce the monthly electricity bill that you pay every month for keeping your home cool. 


Also, the installation process is very easy, it takes hardly an hour’s time to complete the installation procedure. 



Wondering where to buy a solar roof fans from???


Well, the one and only place to buy solar roof vent is SOLARKING. SolarKing is the one stop solution for all your solar roof ventilation needs. The SolarKing Solar Roof ventilation fan simply replace the hot air in your roof space in the summers with the cool air outside. Solarking has thermostat technology which allows the unit to run only when it's needed. SolarKing solar roof fans are far more effective than the other solar attic fans available in the market. 


SolarKing roof ventilation fan is designed in such a way that they can effectively beat the heat in Australia even though the temperature in the country rises up to 50°C. SolarKIng is the leading Australian brand that offers a variety of solar roof vents that can be in any setup, be it a small house, shed, garage or a multistoried building. 


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Sunday, 10 Nov 2019

Best Solar Roof Ventilation Brand In Australia - Solarking



Solar Roof Ventilation - SolarKing


Solar Roof Ventilation is slowly becoming a major factor in Home cooling process. The cost of electricity and the temperature in summer are increasing simultaneously. In such a scenario, the best solution will be to go for an eco-friendly energy source. Therefore, installing solar roof ventilation and the solar exhaust fan is definitely the best solution as it will take the hot air out of the room and reduce the temperature significantly. We, at SolarKing, are the one-stop destination in this regard. We will provide you with the best solar products in the market.

Why Should You Choose Us?
21 Years of Experience
We, at SolarKing, are providing you with solar products for 21 years. We have a thorough knowledge of renewable energy. For the last 21 years, we are catering top-quality solar products to various parts of Australia. We are your go-to destination for the best in quality solar solution. Our manufacturing facility is located in Shanghai, China. We are continuously developing and upgrading our work. You can rest assured you will not be disappointed with our products.
We Make You Satisfied
One thing that makes us motivated to lunge forward and improve our work is the satisfaction level of our customers. We have a wide number of satisfied customers who are highly satisfied with our work. They also recommend us for solar products. Whenever they face the requirement of solar product installation or up gradation in their house or office, they turn to us without any hesitation and that is the kind of reliability we have generated in their heart. So, when you come to us for your solar roof ventilation, you can rest assured you will have absolute satisfaction from our product.
We Promote a Greener Lifestyle
The energy resources of the world will come to an end and we have to save them for the next generation. Also, the carbon emission is creating a huge problem for the earth. That is why we, at SolarKing, promote a greener lifestyle through our solar products. It helps you to perform your duty towards earth. We understand that even small contributions can make
big differences. Hence, we urge you to switch to a greener and eco-friendly energy source.
Warranty from SolarKing
We, at SolarKing, will also provide you with a warranty on our products. The fan motor of our solar exhaust fan will have a 2-year warranty. Apart from that, you will also get a warranty of 10-years on the output of the solar panel. If you need more information regarding our warranty then contact us without wasting any time. SolarKing is a reputed dealer of solar products in Australia. Our aim is to make this earth a better place to live for the next generation. If you want to be a part of this noble quest then contact SolarKing immediately, because we can provide you with the best solar products in Australia. We are always striving to give the best to our customers and make them unequivocally satisfied.
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Monday, 18 Feb 2019

Why Do You Need Solar Roof Vents?

Solar Roof Vents - Solarking 

During summers it is essential to stay cool even indoors. Your room gets heated up, and you feel the
need for an air conditioner. Air conditioners are very expensive, and there are also monthly charges
involved if you use air conditioners. Electricity is also consumed on a daily basis. Electricity is
becoming expensive as the coal is getting depleted day by day. Thus, to protect the natural resource
and also to incur fewer charges you can install the solar roof vents. These are best to keep
your home cool during the hot summers by extracting all the heat and moisture from your rooms.
There are also no monthly charges involved.
The top reasons for installing solar roof ventilation fans are as follows:


-  Comfort in your home – the solar ventilation fans are best to move out the hot air from your
home and make your home cool during the warm winters. Temperatures can be lowered up
to 40 degrees with the help of these ventilation fans. It stops working when the temperature
outside is too low. The temperatures are low in the winters, and at that time the air is not
moved out, thus, keeping your home warm.


-  Environment-friendly and saves energy – the solar ventilation fans are designed to run with
the help of the sun. Thus, it does not require any electricity. Unlike air conditioners, these
solar ventilation fans do not contribute to global warming by not emitting greenhouse gases.
It does not incur any cost. This prevents the fossil fuels from getting depleted.


-  Protects your roof and home – the heat and moisture if not let out from your home can
cause severe damage. The solar ventilation fans keep the roof of your home moisture free
and thus prevents it from getting damaged. In excessive summer heat can damage the roof,
and in winter there can be damped and mildews which must be removed to keep your roof
safe and protected.


- Installation process – installing the solar roof ventilation fan is very easy. It can be installed
very quickly within an hour. You will just need to buy the solar vent fan and install it. The
solar roof ventilation fans are also available in different sizes which can be suitable for
different kinds and shapes of a roof. There is no hassle in installing a solar roof ventilation
fan. There are also 5 years of warranty and excellent after sale services.


- Do not make noise – the solar ventilation fans do not make loud noises while running. Thus,
you will not be disturbed with it. It Makes less than 45 decibels noise, which is equivalent to
your Refrigerator and Air Conditioner.     
Thus, it is one of the most cost-efficient solutions in keeping your home cool. These fans work with
the help of the sun, and it also gets charged throughout the day. With this charge, it can work well
even in the cloudy days. These fans are installed on the roofs of the house allowing the sun rays to
touch it. These solar fans are also great to retain the warmth in the house during winter and also
keeps away the moisture. Solarking is rated as Best Solar roof vent in Australia if you thinking to buy
one its definitely the best option.   


Check our product page :





Monday, 18 Feb 2019

Best Solar Roof Ventilation Fan | Solarking Australia


Solarking - Solar Roof Ventilation Fan extracts hot and dry air from the roof and keeps your house cool. Australian summers continue to get hotter and so do our homes and workplaces. A great solution to tackle this is Solar Roof Ventilation. Have you ever noticed how the lower storey of a 2 storey house is much cooler than other parts of the house? This is due to the ceiling directly above blocking the extreme heat from the lower level. The SolarKing Solar Roof ventilation fan does the same job, by replacing the hot air in your roof space in summer with the cooler outside air. This makes a big difference to your indoor comfort level. Australian summer temperatures inside your roof can often reach between 50°C to 70°C, with much of this heat then entering your living spaces. 

Currently, wind driven “Whirly Birds” can only exhaust around 100CBM (Cubic Metres) of air per hour while the SolarKing 320MM solar roof ventilation fan can pump 2100CBM of air per hour, more than 20x the air movement. This makes the SolarKing far more effective keeping your home or business cooler. You can even use multiple SolarKings on larger or two storey homes.

The SolarKing 320MM Solar Roof Fan can be easily mounted on either tile, Colorbond or flat roofs. The unit also has an adjustable tilt solar panel for use on non north facing roofs or flat roofs.


Keep Your Home Comfortable

In the hot Australian summer the SolarKing Exhaust Fan extracts the dry and hot air in the roof. 20x more air than a wind driven Whirly Bird and can reduce roof temperatures by up to 30°.


During the cooler months, the thermostatic control of SolarKing Solar Roof Ventilation Fan prevents heat loss and retaining much needed warmth unlike whirly birds that continue to run.


Save Your Energy

The SolarKing Solar Roof Ventilation Fan consumes free solar energy, which means no running cost ever. Also by reducing your roof temperature, your reliance on air conditioning will reduce and lower your energy bills.


Easy Install and Superior Performance

The SolarKing Roof Ventilation Fan can be self-installed or you can use one of our approved installers to do the job for you. The unit just required 1 roof tile to be removed for installation or for metal roof’s just a 300mm opening. The brushless DC motor makes the operation quiet and assures the motor will have long life. Being brushless it is also far more efficient compared to other motors so the performance is better.


Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Features

  Reduced air conditioning use means lower energy bills

  Keep your home cooler in summer

  Extracts 20x more air than a Whirly Bird

  Reduces roof temperature by up to 30°

  Solar power = no running costs ever

  Thermostatic control prevents heat loss during cooler months

  Brushless DC motor for quiet operation & long life

  Corrosion resistant, suitable for coastal regions

  Easy Installation, no electrician required

  Reduces condensation build up in your roof

  Suits tile, Colorbond and flat roofs               

Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Specifications

Capacity : 2100 CBM Per Hour


Motor : 35 Watts, 6-19VDC, 1600rpm Max, Brushless Motor with Double Shielded Ball Bearings

Solar Panel Type : Monocrystalline PV, Heavy Duty Frame, 3mm Tempered Glass

Solar Panel Output : 35 Watts, 18VDC

Fan : 300mm Balanced 5 Blade With Low Resistance

Noise : <45dBA Automatic

Automatic Shut Off  : <25° Celsius +/- 5%

Product Dimensions : 565x565x260mm

Flashing Dimensions : 565x565x1mm

Product Weight : 7.8Kgs

Construction : Aluminium Top Cover, Aluminium Body, Steel Brackets and Stainless Steel Fasteners

Colour : Black Powder Coated

Packing Dimensions : 580x570x282mm

Packing Weight : 9.6Kgs

Warranty : 2 Year Warranty (10 Years on Solar Panel)








Wednesday, 23 Jan 2019

Best Lithium iron LifePo4 Batteries by Solarking


Lithium iron LifePo4 Batteries by Solarking


Lithium material is very good for batteries because of three reasons. First, it is a very highly reactive material. Second, its ions are rechargeable. The third one is, it is easy to flow current through the battery. Therefore, we are here to tell you more about the benefits and usage of Lifepo4 batteries. Many people go camping and need batteries to shine up their camps. Whereas people living off grid also need batteries for the solar system to store energy. Lithium Lifepo4 batteries  are best for all these purposes. 

So, for all these needs we are here to look in to and offer you the best lithium batteries . Below we will aware you with benefits and usage of lithium lifepo4 batteries. But first, we will discuss why we are offering lifepo4 batteries? That contains the benefits of lithium batteries . Then we will discuss where it can be used.


Why choose lithium lifepo4 batteries?

In this section, we will tell you about the key benefits of lithium batteries . There are many advantages of it, however here we aware you with the 5 benefits of lithium batteries.



These batteries are more chemically stable and in-combustible, this means it can hold a high temperature. Moreover, Operating Temperature Range for lithium phosphate batteries are -20°C to +60°C and it can handle extreme weather conditions all over Australia. Lithium batteries are also sealed and you need not to worry about safety and maintenance. These are the reasons why lithium batteries are preferred for camping, marine and for 4x4 vehicles. 


Long-Lasting battery life


This lithium lifepo4 batteries  are long-lasting and they can go for a minimum of 10 years. Once it charged, then it can be run for months, depending on the usage. Lithium batteries  have a slow dis-charging rate. Moreover, when it discharged it can’t damage the battery cells. The new lithium lifepo4 batteries comes with Active Cell Balancing (ACB) and Battery Management System (BMS), so it will be automatic and no human intervention needed. 





Lithium lifepo4 batteries  show great performance in all places where it is using because it has an ideal energy density in weight and volume. Moreover, it has a high specific energy, It means it can serve the best performance where and when it is needed. Most lithium batteries only balance the internal cell banks at 30mAh but SolarKing LiFePo4 batteries balance cells at a minimum of 3AH. This means if one of the four internal battery banks becomes higher or lower voltage than the other banks the SolarKing batteries with ACB can bring the affected bank back into balance within hours not days or weeks. This means your battery will always be operating at rated capacity.




These batteries have a longer life cycle. They are rechargeable, this what makes them sustainable. You can use lithium batteries,  again and again, it will serve you the same performance as it shows for the first time. Most of the Lithium batteries are serviceable and you can replace internal cells and parts whenever you want Moreover, Lifepo4 is a non-toxic material and didn’t pop-out any dangerous fumes. It means it is safe for you and the natural environment. 


Size and weight 

The major benefit of lithium Lifepo4 Solarking batteries is, it has the fit-able size and lighter weight. It can fit anywhere even in cars, caravans & homes. In previous time AGM lead batteries were invented there is one drawback of those batteries. They are heavy and large in size. But Solarking Lithium batteries  solve this problem and people carry them easily. For instance, 100ah Solarking Lithium Battery weighs around 13kgs which is half the weight of AGM batteries. That is why people prefer them for camping, caravans or campervans. It is also easily adjustable in small motorhomes.


Battery usage for solar 

Many industries or households depend upon solar energy. But the problem is, the sun is shining only in a part of the day. Now here, people need a source that stores solar energy for use at nighttime. Lithium lifepo4 batteries are designed to store solar energy and show performance whenever it is needed. It has a shallow dis-charge rate. Means it will give energy easily during nighttime. Homeowners can use 24v 60ah, 100ah or 120ah to store the energy and run the household appliances like fridge, micro-oven and lights. 



Battery usage for camping

Many of you go for camping, if are adventures. In the previous year, most of the people use AGM ( Absorbent Glass Mat ) lead batteries which are 20 to 60 kg heavy weighted. Nowadays, people find it difficult to lift and take a risk to set it in their caravans. Carrying heavyweights in caravan and campervan is not a good option, so people looking for choices. However, the lithium battery is lighter in weight and if you take 200ah lithium lifepo4 battery as an example, its around 21 kgs. It can easily be taken from anywhere with you. Now by using lithium batteries , you can light up your camps and can enjoy your adventure trip. There are also two reasons to use these batteries on camping.


  • Due to its size and weight.
  • Due to its high ability to store energy.


Solarking offers you the best Lithium LiFePo4 batteries for the caravan and camping, you can use 100AH lithium LifePO4 Solarking battery, 150AH lithium LifePO4 Solarking battery or 200AH lithium LifePO4 Solarking battery to connect to your inverter. With Solarking you can connect up to 4 Batteries in Parallel to increase in energy capacity.   



By wrapping you up, we have aware you with new Solarking lithium batteries , which you can use it for many purposes. Purposes like for camping, in caravans, in the campervan, or for solar energy storage. Lithium can hold heat energy and remain cool at room temperature. Moreover, light in weight and small in size, it can fit anywhere. Lithium batteries are safe to use and special abilities like ACB and BMS adding more advantages. So what are you waiting for, if you are facing the above problem then here is the solution? Shop Solarking lithium batteries. 


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All you need to know about Solar Roof Ventilation

Solar roof ventilation is getting popular due to raise of roof temperatures and electricity bills. Lets discuss why you need to consider solar roof ventilation fan for your house. You may not spend much time thinking about roof ventilation, but if you own your own home, you owe it to yourself to give the subject serious thought. Inadequate Ventilation of your roof space leads to high attic temperatures that can reduce comfort, raise utility bills and shorten the useful life of roofing materials. The good news is that adding a few vents almost always solves the problem. And for even greater effectiveness, you might consider installing an Solarking Roof Ventilation Fan.

Solar roof ventilation fans are thermostatically controlled so they run only when they're needed. When you consider that attics can reach 70c, and that attic heat accounts for 20 percent of the average cooling bill, these fans are a good investment. Most can be installed for around $595 or $395 (DIY). The Solarking roof ventilation fan also gas a humidistats as well as thermostats. This controls excess attic humidity during the colder months.
Solar Roof Ventilation Basics
Before running out to buy an solar roof ventilation fan, take some time to check the existing attic ventilation on your house. While the type and number of vents will vary depending on the specific roof design, house location and amount of direct sun, a minimum venting system should have 1 sq. ft. of roof vent area for every 300 sq. ft. of attic area.
Solarking Roof Ventilation Fan


Australian summers continue to get hotter and so do our homes and workplaces. A great solution to tackle this is Solar Roof Ventilation. Have you ever noticed how the lower storey of a 2 storey house is much cooler than other parts of the house? This is due to the ceiling directly above blocking the extreme heat from the lower level. The SolarKing Solar Roof ventilation fan does the same job, by replacing the hot air in your roof space in summer with the cooler outside air. This makes a big difference to your indoor comfort level. Australian summer temperatures inside your roof can often reach between 50°C to 70°C, with much of this heat then entering your living spaces.
Currently, wind driven “Whirly Birds” can only exhaust around 100CBM (Cubic Metres) of air per hour while the SolarKing 320MM solar fan can pump 2100CBM of air per hour, more than 20x the air movement. This makes the SolarKing far more effective keeping your home or business cooler. You can even use multiple SolarKings on larger or two storey homes.
The SolarKing 320MM Solar Fan can be easily mounted on either tile, Colorbond or flat roofs. The unit also has an adjustable tilt solar panel for use on non north facing roofs or flat roofs.SolarKing is an Australian owned and run company. With 21 years experience working with renewable energy solar products. SolarKing has become a major player in the Australian residential solar products and off grid solar panel markets.
SolarKing provides products such as our Solar Roof Exhaust Fan that will lower energy usage in the home or work place and support lower carbon emissions. Australia’s summers seem to be getting hotter and longer. Our Solar Roof Exhaust Fan pulls the hot air out of the roof space, allowing the cooler air to drawn in. Reducing energy bills and creating a more comfortable, cleaner home or work space.
If you would like more information on Solarking attic Ventilation Fan 

Contact - (03) 9553 3399
Buy from dealers -
Buy online -…/solar-roof-ventilation-fa…/



























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Why You Might Want to Install a Solar Ventilation Fan?

Let's talk about Solar ventilation fan and why you need to install one as early as possible. Heating and air conditioning systems tend to get the lion’s share of the attention when it comes to HVAC. It makes sense, considering how they do the majority of the work when it comes to keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. They’re not the only systems you need to care about, though. There are plenty of other HVAC systems you can install in your home to make it more comfortable. One of these other systems is the attic fan. Let’s take a look at why attic fans are a good idea, and how you can benefit by installing a solar ventilation fan today. 

What is an Roof Ventilation Fan?

Everyone knows that heat rises, which can create some pretty nasty issues when it comes to your home’s climate. All the heat that enters your home, either from outside it or as the result of running a heating system, will travel up through it and collect in the attic. The attic is pretty well insulated, usually, which means that it collects all of that heat and keeps your home warm. This is a good thing during the winter, but during the summer it can be brutal. You don’t need to be in the attic itself to feel the effects of all that heat being trapped above your head. Your air conditioning system will have to work harder to cool your home, and it will take you longer to cool off. That’s why it’s a good idea to have an attic fan installed in your attic.

An attic fan will provide an outlet for all of that heat that rises through your home into the attic. Just turn it on, and it will proceed to vent all that collected heat out of the home. This will keep your home cooler, allow your air conditioner to operate more efficiently, and make it easier for you to stay comfortable.



Monday, 14 Jan 2019

Paul from South Brisbane

"They are a good unit"

"They have reduced our lounge temperature (Cathedral Roof) by 8 -to 10 Degrees compared to the old Whirly bird – No needed the aircon this afternoon for the first time ever on a plus 30 degree day – its good"




Saturday, 03 Nov 2018

Testimonial from Collin Kerr


"This unit is sure to make a huge difference with heat reduction in the house and reduce air con Bill's in the intense Tropical North Qld Summer ahead. If wanting installation in Cairns be sure to go to: or phone 0418 843 096". - Collin Kerr



Saturday, 22 Sep 2018