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Lithium Battery Australia: Everything You Need To Know

Lithium Battery Australia: Everything You Need To Know

Monday, 04 Apr 2022

Are you looking to buy lithium batteries in Australia? Well, you are in the right place. Here at Solarking, we have everything you need to know about lithium battery products in Australia.

Lithium batteries are the most popular cell used today in portable devices such as laptops and smartphones. It also become a better energy storage solution for caravan, motorhome and marine applications. There has never been a better time to switch over to lithium as they are now more efficient and safer than ever.  

Lithium Battery Australia Review

Lithium batteries are one of the most popular rechargeable batteries for both consumer and industrial applications in Australia. The chemistry of lithium-ion batteries has changed over the years, but what hasn't changed is how reliable they are.

The uses for a lithium battery seem to be limitless at this point. Everything from laptops and cell phones to medical devices and electric vehicles now uses them. They're more energy-dense than other rechargeable batteries, meaning they can store more power in a smaller amount of space.

This is a battery that has been specially designed to work in a wide variety of applications. These batteries have been used in many different settings and for several other purposes. This article will look at some of the most common uses for these batteries and what they are used for.

It is generally made from lithium-ion, or Li-ion, cells. They are called lithium batteries because they contain lithium, which is one of the lightest metals in existence.

They are also very good at holding the energy for long periods, making them ideal for high energy density applications.

 If you want to use one of these batteries, there are many different types that you can choose from, depending on your specific needs and the purpose you want them to serve.

For example, you can install it in a caravan or motorhome to run all your 12v appliances like tv, refrigerator, micro oven and air conditioner. You can also install it in an off-grid house to store energy from solar. They can also be useful for marine applications like boats and ships.   





They're lightweight, handle hundreds to thousands of charge cycles, and offer high capacity relative to their size. So if weight is an issue for you, you should consider using lithium batteries instead of the heavier conventional ones.

Great Alternatives


Lithium Batteries in Australia are a great alternative to traditional lead-acid batteries. Lithium Batteries are lightweight, efficient, and have a longer lifespan than the conventional lead-acid battery.

It Can Be Used In Any Application


This can be used in any application where you would typically use a 12-volt lead-acid battery. You can install in a caravan, motorhome, marine, off-grid, 4x4 or any other solar application that needs storage.

More Efficient


The great thing about lithium batteries is that they're also a lot more efficient than lead-acid batteries, which means they will last longer and charge more efficiently. Lead-acid batteries last around 3 years but lithium can go up to 10 to 15 years and you can repair them whenever you want.



  • - They're lightweight,
  • - Have a long shelf life,
  • - Can be discharged more deeply without damaging them,
  • - Charge more quickly and hold a charge for longer.


  • - Lithium batteries are significantly more expensive.

Bottom Line


The key takeaway here is that there are many requirements to consider when purchasing a Lithium Battery in Australia, one of them being the correct size of the battery. It would also help determine what specific format you're looking for because not all batteries come in either 12V or 24v configurations.

Finally, you will always want to ensure you have the necessary safety measures to ensure that your battery is working correctly.

Solarking is a leading name in the retail of lithium batteries. It provides services to almost all types and models of caravans, motorhomes, marine & solar applications. Solarking offers 3-year full warranty and they are repairable unlike lead-acid batteries.

Solarking lithium batteries range from 7ah to 240ah and are available on 12v and 24v.

I hope you enjoyed the article. If you want to see what else we do, visit Solarking power-systems to see our entire range of products.

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