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How solar roof vents work to keep your house cool?

How solar roof vents work to keep your house cool?

Saturday, 16 Nov 2019

The warmth of summer initially brings relief from a long, cold winter. But the truth remains, summer weather brings its own set of issues. Especially when the climate is at its peak, extreme climatic conditions, especially hot summers can cause potential damage to the interior as well as to the exterior of your house. For instance; your roof. Believe it or not, roofs are highly susceptive to heat damage. More often than not, attics are without any airflow, and that’s the reason roofs are the hottest part of the house during summers. Besides, due to excess of heat and moisture under the roof, your rooms get heated up. 


And it becomes really unbearable to stay indoors as well. Of course, people buy ACs to fight back such scorching summers, but AC is quite an expensive solution, which is also not good for the environment. So, what is the way out then??? 


Well, the one and only solution that can help you to reduce your electricity bills and allow you to keep the entire house cool is – Solar Roof Vents! Yes, solar roof vents are the most effective and affordable option to save on money and reduce the usage of coal-based energy with free solar energy. Solar roof vents not only help to cool your attic in the summer but also help mitigate the issues such as moisture build-up, growth of mould and fungus etc. 


Now the question is how solar vents work to keep your house cool??

Solar roof vents simply draw warmer indoor air up into the attic through the roof vents. They basically help you keep your home cool during the summer season, lower your energy consumption, and you’re your attic ventilated. Solar roof vents allow cooled outdoor air to fill your home through eve vents. Basically, the sunlight that falls directly on the roof vent is nothing but energy, that energy is transformed into power, which makes the motor inside the vent spin, which in turn extract the heat in roof space, indoors and exchange it with cool air. 

A solar roof vent helps to reduce moisture and humidity indoors, thereby keeping your house cool and cosy even in summers. Believe you me, having solar roof vent at home will help you have the best summers indoors!! Solar roof vents can extract up to 2100 cubic meters of air per hour whereas normal traditional whirlybird can extract only 100 cubic meters per hour. Which makes one solar roof vent is equivalent to 20 whirlybirds.   

Benefits of Using Solar Power Roof Vents

  • Solar roof vents are effective, affordable and environmentally friendly
  • Solar roof vents can extract 2100 cubic meters of air per hour
  • Reduces your roof temperature by up to 30 degrees.
  • Solar roof vents help reduce your home's cooling costs up to 30%
  • Solar roof vents help to cool your attic and prevent moisture buildup and provide protection from mould growth.
  • Solar roof vents keep your indoor fresh and pleasant.    
  • Solar roof vents prolong the life of your roof.
  • Solar roof vents need no electrical wiring, no battery backup. 
  • Solar roof vents can withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Solar roof vents use solar energy means on ongoing costs.

Different parts used in Solar Roof Vents:

DC Motor: A DC motor is a rotary electric motor that helps convert direct current electrical energy into mechanical energy. It rotates with the speed of 1600 RPM per second & extract up to 2100 cubic meters of air per hour.

Solar Panel: Solar panels absorb sunlight as a source of energy and generate direct current electricity that is used in commercial and residential applications. It has 35 watts capacity to power the brushless dc motor.

Thermostat: A thermostat is another component that is used in solar roof vents. Thermostats are used in a device or system that heats or cools to a set point temperature, for instance building heating, central heating, air conditioners, HVAC systems, etc. It allows the unit to run only when it required, for instance unit shut down automatically when the roof temperature reaches less than 25 degrees. So that you don’t lose any heat in winter and cooler months. Whirlybirds won’t have this feature and you will lose heat in winter.

Fan Blades: A solar roof fan comprises of a rotating arrangement of blades which act on the air. Usually, fans are powered by electric motors, but solar roof vents use solar energy to convert it to power.They can rotate with 1600 RPM with the help of brushless dc motor and they don’t make any noise.  

Now the next question is where to buy solar roof vents from???


SolarKing is the one-stop solution for all your solar roof ventilation needs. The SolarKing Solar Roof Vents are rated as Australia’s best and leading manufacturer. Solarking offers the best price when compared to anyone on the market. It is 100% Australian owned and operated business running from 22 years. SolarKing vents are durable and can withstand any temperature. Solarking roof vents come with 2-year full warranty and 10 years for the solar panel. SolarKing vents help lower energy usage in the home or workplace and support lower carbon emissions. SolarKing’s Roof Vents can extract up to 2100 cubic meters of air per hour and reduce your roof temperature by up to 30 degrees. Also, SolarKing helps you to reduce energy bills and create a more comfortable, cleaner home or workspace.


SolarKing solar roof vents comes in two variants 1. Roof Fan & 2. Wall Fan, depending on the material used in your roof and the slope of your roof. SolarKIng vents can be installed under the roof, on the wall, mounted on the roof, or in the gable vents of the attic in older homes that have adequate airflow. You can also use solarking solar roof vents for animals sheds and shipping containers.

So what are you waiting for???? Just get a solarKing solar roof vent installed at your attic and get ready to fight back extreme summers and mold and fungus in winters!!


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