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All you need to know about Solar Roof Ventilation

All you need to know about Solar Roof Ventilation

Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019

Solar roof ventilation is getting popular due to raise of roof temperatures and electricity bills. Lets discuss why you need to consider solar roof ventilation fan for your house. You may not spend much time thinking about roof ventilation, but if you own your own home, you owe it to yourself to give the subject serious thought. Inadequate Ventilation of your roof space leads to high attic temperatures that can reduce comfort, raise utility bills and shorten the useful life of roofing materials. The good news is that adding a few vents almost always solves the problem. And for even greater effectiveness, you might consider installing an Solarking Roof Ventilation Fan.

Solar roof ventilation fans are thermostatically controlled so they run only when they're needed. When you consider that attics can reach 70c, and that attic heat accounts for 20 percent of the average cooling bill, these fans are a good investment. Most can be installed for around $595 or $395 (DIY). The Solarking roof ventilation fan also gas a humidistats as well as thermostats. This controls excess attic humidity during the colder months.
Solar Roof Ventilation Basics
Before running out to buy an solar roof ventilation fan, take some time to check the existing attic ventilation on your house. While the type and number of vents will vary depending on the specific roof design, house location and amount of direct sun, a minimum venting system should have 1 sq. ft. of roof vent area for every 300 sq. ft. of attic area.
Solarking Roof Ventilation Fan


Australian summers continue to get hotter and so do our homes and workplaces. A great solution to tackle this is Solar Roof Ventilation. Have you ever noticed how the lower storey of a 2 storey house is much cooler than other parts of the house? This is due to the ceiling directly above blocking the extreme heat from the lower level. The SolarKing Solar Roof ventilation fan does the same job, by replacing the hot air in your roof space in summer with the cooler outside air. This makes a big difference to your indoor comfort level. Australian summer temperatures inside your roof can often reach between 50°C to 70°C, with much of this heat then entering your living spaces.
Currently, wind driven “Whirly Birds” can only exhaust around 100CBM (Cubic Metres) of air per hour while the SolarKing 320MM solar fan can pump 2100CBM of air per hour, more than 20x the air movement. This makes the SolarKing far more effective keeping your home or business cooler. You can even use multiple SolarKings on larger or two storey homes.
The SolarKing 320MM Solar Fan can be easily mounted on either tile, Colorbond or flat roofs. The unit also has an adjustable tilt solar panel for use on non north facing roofs or flat roofs.SolarKing is an Australian owned and run company. With 21 years experience working with renewable energy solar products. SolarKing has become a major player in the Australian residential solar products and off grid solar panel markets.
SolarKing provides products such as our Solar Roof Exhaust Fan that will lower energy usage in the home or work place and support lower carbon emissions. Australia’s summers seem to be getting hotter and longer. Our Solar Roof Exhaust Fan pulls the hot air out of the roof space, allowing the cooler air to drawn in. Reducing energy bills and creating a more comfortable, cleaner home or work space.
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