Solar Roof Ventilation Fan

Solar Roof Ventilation Fan extracts the dry and hot air in the roof. Australian summers continue to get hotter and so do our homes and workplaces. A great solution to tackle this is Solar Exhaust Fan.

By replacing the hot air in your roof space in summer with the cooler outside air, Solar Roof Ventilation make your home much cooler and a big difference to your indoor comfort level.

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Roof Insulation Roof Insulation
SolarKing lithium batteries

SolarKing Lithium batteries

Lithium batteries are the future of battery storage, being lighter and lasting up to 8 times the cycle life of lead acid batteries. SolarKing Lithium batteries have a much greater depth of discharge than deep cycle lead acid batteries making lithium batteries the equivalent of 2 or 3 similar capacity deep cycle lead acid batteries. SolarKing lithium batteries incorporate advanced battery management systems “BMS” to maximise performance and protect the battery from over charge and over discharge.

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SolarKing Solar Panels

Monocrystalline solar panels are a the most popular and efficient way of charging your storage batteries.

SolarKing only uses quality A-Grade monocrystalline cells to produce our solar panels. SolarKing manufactures all sizes of solar panels in various voltages and wattage’s.

All of our panels are supplied with hail resistant 3mm toughened glass.

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SolarKing lithium batteries SolarKing lithium batteries

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