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SolarKing Lithium LiFePo4 Battery Review

SolarKing Lithium LiFePo4 Battery Review

Monday, 01 Jun 2020

Lithium LiFePo4 Battery Review - 1

 “I have SolarKing lithium batteries in my off-grid rural residence (10×100Ah in a series parallel 24v system with passive balancing) & based on that success over last 15 months helping to deliver 5kWh daily, I've just installed 2x150Ah (second generation, parallel 12v) in our caravan and yacht with a huge weight saving. My only gripe is that I would have liked to have better manufacturer advice on optimum charging profiles so I can configure my MPPT solar chargers. Other than that, so far I'm very happy.” - Mark, Nsw. 


Lithium LiFePo4 Battery Review - 2

“My 2 solar king 100ahs have replaced 2 x120ah agms and are holding up well with inverter to the point where I am using inverter and induction cooker more and even using electric hot water on the right day.” - Graeme, Woodonga.

Lithium LiFePo4 Battery Review - 3

"I can recommend these, my van is set up with 2x200ah Solarking lithium batteries and 900W solar panels. I have a 3000W inverter and run a 2.5kw household inverter A/C unit during summer daytime no problem." - Peter Booth, TAS.   

Lithium LiFePo4 Battery Review - 4
"I have Solarking 150ah, it's has been awesome. I haven't started my car in 4 weeks I have 100w solar panels in the roof, my 45lt still on hold 2-4 degrees. Batteries sits around 13.2v all day everyday." - David Maunder, Adelaide. 



Lithium LiFePo4 Battery Review - 5

"I am running the solarking 100ah bought from trailer camper Aus in Canberra as wanted a local warranty. Running from 6 months now, no issues, does exactly as described. Mounted under my rare draw wing, paired with RedArc BCDC1225D." - Mitchell, Canberra. 



Lithium LiFePo4 Battery Review - 6

"My 3 SolarKings are going okay from what I can tell. My van is parked up under a carport at present, so the 4 roof-mounted solar panels aren't working. However, I've added a small folding solar panel to the side of the carport, where it gets the morning sun for maybe 5 or 6 hours tops.

Every week or so I go and check through the boot door, where I can look at the Enerdrive DC2DC unit and it always says "FUL", so I guess the batteries are being maintained okay.

When I did have it out they were running the van quite okay. I only tried the 1800w inverter once, and that was to boil a 1000w little kettle I bought to use instead of the gas kettle. That little kettle was pretty slow, but the batteries did the job okay.

We tend not to run anything "big" off the inverter....have a microwave which we've only used once and a washing machine that we've never used at all. They're the only big draw items we'd be likely to use.

Not to worry, I'll keep my fingers crossed that these ones last me for at least 5 years....and I'll be happy to replace them after that if need be." - Rodney, WA.


Lithium LiFePo4 Battery Review - 7

"I've just ripped out four 100ah AGMs from the caravan and installed three Solar King 100ah Lithiums. I'm still using the Projecta 50amp 240v charger and the Morningstar 60amp solar gizmo. The caravan didn't previously have a DC-DC charger, so I'm fitting a Enerdrive DC2DC 40+ amp charger using the existing Anderson plug wiring. Weight saving is enormous: 220kg out and about 50kg back in. I couldn't be happier with how these units are performing." - Roachie. 


Lithium LiFePo4 Battery Review - 8


"I'm absolutely wrapped in my SolarKing battery. I purchased a 150a for our Jayco Flamingo and couldn't be happier. We typically camp off grid and run a 12v Waeco 110L fridge in the van. With a Redarc 1224D BCDC charger and about 300w solar it is happy days. I installed a lithium of another brand late in 2019 and it was a fail. I thought the benefits of Lithium were just too good to be true. I'm really pleased to say it isn't and the SolarKing has met all my needs...and then some." - Carlo. 



Lithium LiFePo4 Battery Review - 9


"Yep got 2×100ah units as drop in replacements. Awesome. Four times the capacity of old dinosaur 2×120ah AGMs they replaced and 50kg lighter. They also charge better. Max my AGMs would take from 450watts solar was 15-18 amps in full midday sun. The LiFePO4 suck in 25amps from mid morning." - Cliff Hill, Vic.

Lithium LiFePo4 Battery Review - 10

"My camper 2x 100ah, My parent's caravan 2x100ah, My 4wd 1x100ah. All going well so far." - Ashley, WA. 





Lithium LiFePo4 Battery Review - 11


"The SolarKing has been absolutely excellent and I've tested it out quite a bit over recent months with nothing but praise. I have a 150a in a Jayco running a Waeco 110L 2 way 12/240v fridge, pump, lights and projector for kids videos through a Redarc and it has been sensational thus far." - Matt, NSW.


Lithium LiFeP04 Battery Review - 12

"Can recommend these batteries. I’ve had 2 x 120ah Solarking lithium’s in our camper trailer for 18 months now and very happy with them. Big weight saving too." - JIM GRAHAM.

Lithium LiFeP04 Battery Review - 13

"Bought 2 x 100AH for the caravan, trying them out this weekend at Brunswick Junction, WA. Weather miserable and raining. 4 days so far, using an inverter for the microwave, lights, TV etc, Batteries at 13.2 v dropped to 13.1 and back up to 13.2 every day with solar panels charging it, no sun. Best thing I've done." - Ian Thomas. 

Lithium LiFeP04 Battery Review - 14

"I installed a 200ah SolarKing lithium battery 6 months ago on a purely 'drop in' basis. 290w solar via Jayco PWM reg & Jayco Setec Charger/House management system. 7000km on road, including dirt & off grid, otherwise parked at home & solar does the charging. Another short trip soon then nothing planned, so i will disconnect the battery until May. So far not a problem:)" - Steve. 

Lithium LiFeP04 Battery Review - 15

"i m impressed with your batteries(SolarKing), especially after-sales service. i have been using solarking for over 2 years now. thx guys !" - Dave, NSW. 

Lithium LiFeP04 Battery Review - 16

"I have two solarking 100ah in my caravan and we lived in it for three weeks continuous on our bush block, running lights, TV, fans, microwave, radio and charging phones etc. never dropped below 13v, just charging with two 130w panels and a 20 amp victron controller." - Ian, VIC. 

Lithium LiFeP04 Battery Review - 17

"We have this battery and a Victron 712 Bluetooth on it in our Y62 Patrol, love it!.Will put the solarking 120 in when the camper needs a new battery.On our scales camper AGM was just over 30kg solarking 100 lithium was just over 11kg!! Just awesome!" - Alex, NSW. 



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