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Why 100AH Lithium Solarking Battery Is The Best In The Market?

Why 100AH Lithium Solarking Battery Is The Best In The Market?

Monday, 28 Mar 2022

Lithium batteries are the best choice for solar energy storage because of their high storage capacity and long lifecycles. While there are many types of lithium batteries, SolarKing has worked with R&D teams to develop specific lithium batteries to make them more suitable for solar power storage.

Our research has resulted in a range of lithium batteries that do not degrade as quickly as other batteries when used in frequent charging and discharging cycles.

SolarKing's range of 100AH lithium batteries has been specially developed for solar energy storage applications, caravans, motorhomes, 4x4 & marine. They are designed to be used with 12V or 24V solar power systems and can store enough electricity to power standard household appliances & camping appliances for extended periods.

If you want to know more about why 100AH lithium SolarKing battery is the best in the market, read on!



  • Dimensions: 334x175x219mm
  • Chemical: Lithium Iron LiFePo4
  • Cell Type: Cylindrical
  • Product Weight: 11.0kgs
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20°C ~ +60°C
  • Voltage: 12.8VDC
  • Amperage : 100AH
  • Max Continuous Current : 100A
  • Max 3 Second Pulse : 150A
  • Min Charge Current : 2A
  • Nominal Charge Rate: 30A
  • Max Charge Current: 100A
  • Max Charge Voltage : 14.8V
  • Recommended Charge Rate: 30A
  • Cell Balancing: 3AH charge & discharge
  • Cycles @ 100% DOD: DOD 2000 Cycles
  • Cycles @  80% DOD: DOD 3000 Cycles
  • Cycles @  50% DOD: DOD 3500 Cycles
  • Cycles @  30% DOD: DOD 8000 Cycles



How Is Solarking Battery Best in Many Ways?


The 100AH SolarKing lithium battery is an excellent investment for your solar & off-grid requirements. It is a high-quality product, with some great features which make it the best choice on the market. Let's see some of the main features…

1.   Cost-effective

It is a cost-effective way to store energy from your solar panels. Whether you have a small or large solar system or you travel in a caravan or 4x4, you can use this battery to keep power in case of cloudy days or at night. SolarKing 12v 100ah battery will cost you around just $600 which is 40% less compared to other big brands on the market.

2.   Excellent lifespan

It has an excellent lifespan; if properly maintained, it can last up to 8000 cycles, equivalent to 10 years of daily use! This means you won't need to replace it any time soon and will save money in the long run. SolarKing also comes with a 3 year full warranty, we repair or replace the battery when you need it.

3.   Built-in the management system (BMS)

Moreover, it has a built-in management system (BMS) that ensures safe operation and protects against overcharging and short circuits. Hence, there's no need for external monitoring equipment - plug 'n play!

The BMS will shut down the output when fully charged or discharged, so you don't have to worry about safety risks either - peace of mind!

4.   High cycle life

The 100AH lithium battery can do over 3500 cycles at 50% depth of discharge. This means it can do 2000 cycles at 100% DoD, which compares extremely favourable to other products on the market.

5.   High safety

Solarking Lithium batteries use a BMS (battery management system) that effectively locks the battery when it reaches its maximum or minimum voltage. This prevents overcharging or deep discharging, thereby protecting your investment and increasing safety. It also got ACB – Active Cell Balancing technology which balance the batteries when connecting them in parallel or series. You can connect up to 4 batteries in parallel but it has to be same capacity like 100ah to 100ah and 150ah to 150ah.

6.   High performance

The 100AH lithium battery will give you 100ah continuous current and this has been tested thoroughly by both company and by the customers. Getting 100ah maximum current is not an easy task and this is the main thing that customers should keep in mind while purchasing a lithium battery.  There are many cheap lithium battery brands offering 100ah maximum discharge but you hardly get 60ah once you install the battery.

7.   Small size and weight

It is smaller in size and lighter in weight than traditional gel batteries, which can be used as a backup power source for motorhomes, caravans, yachts, golf carts, and other mobile applications;

Moreover, it comes with 334 x 175 x 219mm dimensions, and they weigh just 11kg each. For example 2x100ah Agm batteries weighs around 3x20kgs = 60Kgs but 3x100ah SolarKing lithium batteries weighs around 3x11kgs = 33kgs. This is almost half the weight compared to traditional AGM batteries.  

Weight management is very significant for caravan and camping so it's always a great idea to go with lightweight batteries.

Bottom Line:

The SolarKing 100AH lithium is a very reliable, high-capacity battery. The battery comes with excellent life cycle ratings and is relatively affordable. If you look to use it in your solar system or recreational vehicle, it will not let you down.

100AH lithium battery is the best in the market because SolarKing has a good reputation in the battery industry and unbelievable service after-sales. Since we have been here for many years, you can be assured of the quality of our products.

If you are still confused about whether to buy a lithium SolarKing battery or lead-acid batteries, keep those points in mind. You will quickly find that a SolarKing lithium battery is a perfect choice.

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