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Best Lithium iron LifePo4 Batteries by Solarking

Best Lithium iron LifePo4 Batteries by Solarking

Friday, 05 Jun 2020


Lithium iron LifePo4 Batteries by Solarking


Lithium material is very good for batteries because of three reasons. First, it is a very highly reactive material. Second, its ions are rechargeable. The third one is, it is easy to flow current through the battery. Therefore, we are here to tell you more about the benefits and usage of Lifepo4 batteries. Many people go camping and need batteries to shine up their camps. Whereas people living off grid also need batteries for the solar system to store energy. Lithium Lifepo4 batteries  are best for all these purposes. 

So, for all these needs we are here to look in to and offer you the best lithium batteries . Below we will aware you with benefits and usage of lithium lifepo4 batteries. But first, we will discuss why we are offering lifepo4 batteries? That contains the benefits of lithium batteries . Then we will discuss where it can be used.


Why choose lithium lifepo4 batteries?

In this section, we will tell you about the key benefits of lithium batteries . There are many advantages of it, however here we aware you with the 5 benefits of lithium batteries.



These batteries are more chemically stable and in-combustible, this means it can hold a high temperature. Moreover, Operating Temperature Range for lithium phosphate batteries are -20°C to +60°C and it can handle extreme weather conditions all over Australia. Lithium batteries are also sealed and you need not to worry about safety and maintenance. These are the reasons why lithium batteries are preferred for camping, marine and for 4x4 vehicles. 


Long-Lasting battery life


This lithium lifepo4 batteries  are long-lasting and they can go for a minimum of 10 years. Once it charged, then it can be run for months, depending on the usage. Lithium batteries  have a slow dis-charging rate. Moreover, when it discharged it can’t damage the battery cells. The new lithium lifepo4 batteries comes with Active Cell Balancing (ACB) and Battery Management System (BMS), so it will be automatic and no human intervention needed. 





Lithium lifepo4 batteries  show great performance in all places where it is using because it has an ideal energy density in weight and volume. Moreover, it has a high specific energy, It means it can serve the best performance where and when it is needed. Most lithium batteries only balance the internal cell banks at 30mAh but SolarKing LiFePo4 batteries balance cells at a minimum of 3AH. This means if one of the four internal battery banks becomes higher or lower voltage than the other banks the SolarKing batteries with ACB can bring the affected bank back into balance within hours not days or weeks. This means your battery will always be operating at rated capacity.




These batteries have a longer life cycle. They are rechargeable, this what makes them sustainable. You can use lithium batteries,  again and again, it will serve you the same performance as it shows for the first time. Most of the Lithium batteries are serviceable and you can replace internal cells and parts whenever you want Moreover, Lifepo4 is a non-toxic material and didn’t pop-out any dangerous fumes. It means it is safe for you and the natural environment. 


Size and weight 

The major benefit of lithium Lifepo4 Solarking batteries is, it has the fit-able size and lighter weight. It can fit anywhere even in cars, caravans & homes. In previous time AGM lead batteries were invented there is one drawback of those batteries. They are heavy and large in size. But Solarking Lithium batteries  solve this problem and people carry them easily. For instance, 100ah Solarking Lithium Battery weighs around 13kgs which is half the weight of AGM batteries. That is why people prefer them for camping, caravans or campervans. It is also easily adjustable in small motorhomes.


Battery usage for solar 

Many industries or households depend upon solar energy. But the problem is, the sun is shining only in a part of the day. Now here, people need a source that stores solar energy for use at nighttime. Lithium lifepo4 batteries are designed to store solar energy and show performance whenever it is needed. It has a shallow dis-charge rate. Means it will give energy easily during nighttime. Homeowners can use 24v 60ah, 100ah or 120ah to store the energy and run the household appliances like fridge, micro-oven and lights. 



Battery usage for camping

Many of you go for camping, if are adventures. In the previous year, most of the people use AGM ( Absorbent Glass Mat ) lead batteries which are 20 to 60 kg heavy weighted. Nowadays, people find it difficult to lift and take a risk to set it in their caravans. Carrying heavyweights in caravan and campervan is not a good option, so people looking for choices. However, the lithium battery is lighter in weight and if you take 200ah lithium lifepo4 battery as an example, its around 21 kgs. It can easily be taken from anywhere with you. Now by using lithium batteries , you can light up your camps and can enjoy your adventure trip. There are also two reasons to use these batteries on camping.


  • Due to its size and weight.
  • Due to its high ability to store energy.


Solarking offers you the best Lithium LiFePo4 batteries for the caravan and camping, you can use 100AH lithium LifePO4 Solarking battery, 150AH lithium LifePO4 Solarking battery or 200AH lithium LifePO4 Solarking battery to connect to your inverter. With Solarking you can connect up to 4 Batteries in Parallel to increase in energy capacity.   



By wrapping you up, we have aware you with new Solarking lithium batteries , which you can use it for many purposes. Purposes like for camping, in caravans, in the campervan, or for solar energy storage. Lithium can hold heat energy and remain cool at room temperature. Moreover, light in weight and small in size, it can fit anywhere. Lithium batteries are safe to use and special abilities like ACB and BMS adding more advantages. So what are you waiting for, if you are facing the above problem then here is the solution? Shop Solarking lithium batteries. 


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