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​Lithium liFePo4 battery Vs Lead Acid Battery By SolarKing

​Lithium liFePo4 battery Vs Lead Acid Battery By SolarKing

Thursday, 04 Jun 2020

Lithium liFePo4 battery Vs Lead Acid Battery

Comparing a Lithium iron phosphate (liFePo4) battery with lead acid battery is like comparing a new Maserati with a used Mercedes. Lithium liFePo4 battery is better than the lead acid battery in every measurable aspect; however, a Lithium liFePo4 battery cost twice more than a lead acid battery. Considering the long-term benefits of Lithium liFePo4 battery, it pays to buy a battery two times higher in cost than lead acid battery. For the extra cost, you get several benefits with a Lithium liFePo4 battery. Below are the details about the difference between both the batteries that can help you decide which one to buy.




There’s not much difference between the capacity of both batteries. The lead acid battery and liFePo4 battery gives the same output. The capacity of lead acid is 110 Ampere per hour is equivalent to the capacity of 100 Ampere Lithium liFePo4 battery. Both offers same voltage 12v & 24v but the main difference is Battery Management System and Active Cell Balancing technology. Lead acid batteries don’t have BMS and ACB, but most of the new lithium lifepo4 Batteries has this technology. This automatic process can help batteries to last long without any human intervention. 



Avg. Life Span


When it comes to the average life span, the lead acid battery is nowhere near to Lithium liFePo4 battery. A Lithium LiFePo4 battery lasts at least seven years more than a lead acid battery. The average life span of a lead acid battery is only about three years. That, too, is only achievable when you prevent the lead acid battery from deeply discharging. What makes liFePo4 batteries last longer is that they’re less susceptible to issues due to deep discharging. Lithium batteries can last up to 10 years and you can also repair it if you have any issues. 


Lithium lifePo4 Battery Cycles DOD:  

Cycles @ 100% DOD: DOD 2000 Cycles

Cycles @  80% DOD: DOD 3000 Cycles

Cycles @  50% DOD: DOD 3500 Cycles

Cycles @  30% DOD: DOD 8000 Cycles




Lithium liFePo4 battery is half the weight of a lead acid battery. Therefore, if you want a better battery to keep in your motorhome or caravan, then a Lithium battery is the way to go. A Lithium battery for caravan enables you to reduce the amount of load on your vehicle, which eventually leads to better fuel efficiency and weight balance. A 100ah Lithium liFePo4 battery weighs around 13 kg only while a 110ah lead acid battery is 30 kg. 


Max current 


The max current of a Lithium liFePo4 battery is 100A, while a lead acid battery has 400A max current. In case you need max current for a shorter period, then Lithium liFePo4 battery is a better choice. The max current capacity of a lead acid battery decreases if you draw max current quickly.

A Lithium battery for the caravan is a better choice than a lead acid battery. Because the devices in a motorhome or caravan are not heavier and you don't necessarily require max current for a longer period, so liFePo4 battery is a better option. A high current load can quickly diminish the rated capacity of a lead-acid battery. It's not recommended to use maximum current at any point of time. 




Lithium liFePo4 batteries are serviceable, and if you give due maintenance to your battery, it will last longer than their average life and performs efficiently. If something goes wrong with the battery, you can repair or replace any of the internal parts and reuse it again. Lead acid batteries are not serviceable and you need to change the whole battery if something goes wrong. This is the main reason most of the users replace lead acid batteries after two to three years. 


Note: Not all the lithium batteries are serviceable, make sure you ask the supplier whether the batteries are serviceable or not.   




Lead acid batteries beat lithium ones in terms of price and lithium batteries cost twice or thrice than the lead acid batteries. Lithium liFePo4 battery is costly than a lead acid battery; however, extra benefits & longer life span makes it a superior choice. The price of a 100ah Lithium liFePo4 battery is around $695, and lead acid battery costs around $349. 


This is the comparison between Solarking lithium LifePo4 Batteries and Solarking Lead Acid Battery. For More Information about Solarking Lithium LifePo4 Batteries, click the link below…







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