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Best Solar Roof Ventilation Fan | Solarking Australia

Best Solar Roof Ventilation Fan | Solarking Australia

Wednesday, 23 Jan 2019


Solarking - Solar Roof Ventilation Fan extracts hot and dry air from the roof and keeps your house cool. Australian summers continue to get hotter and so do our homes and workplaces. A great solution to tackle this is Solar Roof Ventilation. Have you ever noticed how the lower storey of a 2 storey house is much cooler than other parts of the house? This is due to the ceiling directly above blocking the extreme heat from the lower level. The SolarKing Solar Roof ventilation fan does the same job, by replacing the hot air in your roof space in summer with the cooler outside air. This makes a big difference to your indoor comfort level. Australian summer temperatures inside your roof can often reach between 50°C to 70°C, with much of this heat then entering your living spaces. 

Currently, wind driven “Whirly Birds” can only exhaust around 100CBM (Cubic Metres) of air per hour while the SolarKing 320MM solar roof ventilation fan can pump 2100CBM of air per hour, more than 20x the air movement. This makes the SolarKing far more effective keeping your home or business cooler. You can even use multiple SolarKings on larger or two storey homes.

The SolarKing 320MM Solar Roof Fan can be easily mounted on either tile, Colorbond or flat roofs. The unit also has an adjustable tilt solar panel for use on non north facing roofs or flat roofs.


Keep Your Home Comfortable

In the hot Australian summer the SolarKing Exhaust Fan extracts the dry and hot air in the roof. 20x more air than a wind driven Whirly Bird and can reduce roof temperatures by up to 30°.


During the cooler months, the thermostatic control of SolarKing Solar Roof Ventilation Fan prevents heat loss and retaining much needed warmth unlike whirly birds that continue to run.


Save Your Energy

The SolarKing Solar Roof Ventilation Fan consumes free solar energy, which means no running cost ever. Also by reducing your roof temperature, your reliance on air conditioning will reduce and lower your energy bills.


Easy Install and Superior Performance

The SolarKing Roof Ventilation Fan can be self-installed or you can use one of our approved installers to do the job for you. The unit just required 1 roof tile to be removed for installation or for metal roof’s just a 300mm opening. The brushless DC motor makes the operation quiet and assures the motor will have long life. Being brushless it is also far more efficient compared to other motors so the performance is better.


Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Features

  Reduced air conditioning use means lower energy bills

  Keep your home cooler in summer

  Extracts 20x more air than a Whirly Bird

  Reduces roof temperature by up to 30°

  Solar power = no running costs ever

  Thermostatic control prevents heat loss during cooler months

  Brushless DC motor for quiet operation & long life

  Corrosion resistant, suitable for coastal regions

  Easy Installation, no electrician required

  Reduces condensation build up in your roof

  Suits tile, Colorbond and flat roofs               

Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Specifications

Capacity : 2100 CBM Per Hour


Motor : 35 Watts, 6-19VDC, 1600rpm Max, Brushless Motor with Double Shielded Ball Bearings

Solar Panel Type : Monocrystalline PV, Heavy Duty Frame, 3mm Tempered Glass

Solar Panel Output : 35 Watts, 18VDC

Fan : 300mm Balanced 5 Blade With Low Resistance

Noise : <45dBA Automatic

Automatic Shut Off  : <25° Celsius +/- 5%

Product Dimensions : 565x565x260mm

Flashing Dimensions : 565x565x1mm

Product Weight : 7.8Kgs

Construction : Aluminium Top Cover, Aluminium Body, Steel Brackets and Stainless Steel Fasteners

Colour : Black Powder Coated

Packing Dimensions : 580x570x282mm

Packing Weight : 9.6Kgs

Warranty : 2 Year Warranty (10 Years on Solar Panel)








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