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By Glenn Murphy, Monday, Jan 21, 2019

Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Review - 1.  

“I am monitoring the improvements since fitting the 2 Solarking roof fans to my home to give others an idea of the change the solar exhaust fans have made.

The house is 180Sqm single storey with a tile roof and 2 fans, temperature sensor is in the roof minimum 10M from each fan (sensor is in the middle of the roof place on the insulation). The roof has no foil under the tiles or in the walls and there are no under eave vents fitted but the roof is well insulated. The roof gets limited shade in the morning and none past 11am in summer time. The house has one fan on the north side of the roof pointed slight North West. The second fan is on the western side of the roof point North West.

The house in summers prior to the fans being fitted reached over 70°. Here I have recorded some temperatures on extreme heat days below to give an idea of how much cooler the roof is now. The house has two aircon’s one small 3.2KW in a bedroom and one 6.5KW in the lounge room. Since installing the fans we can now just run the 3.2KW inverter aircon on full power to cool the whole house even on the 40+ degree days. Many days when the ambient temp is in the high 20’s low 30’s we no longer run any air conditioning let alone the big 6.5KW unit like before.

Very Sunny day no cloud 43° max ambient temp, max temp in the roof 52.8°
Sunny with some high cloud 40° max ambient temp, max temp in the roof 49.0°
Sunny Day no cloud 32° max ambient temp, max temp in the roof 40.3°
Cloudy day no sun 28° max ambient temp, max temp in the roof 30.2°

Also I have noticed with monitoring the roof temperature very closely is how fast the roof cools at night once the sun goes down. Within about 3 hours the roof temp is the same as the outside ambient temp. I guess this is due to the roof temperature not getting as hot as before so it can get back to the outside temperature quicker.” David, Melbourne.


Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Review - 2

‘’We installed a solar System and solar fan last week, both works fantastic the fan helps to take the heat out of the roof and save even more on electricity” - Derek, Adelaide.




Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Review - 3

“I recently had two units installed and I have to say my wife and I felt an instant change in the temperature and feel of the air inside our house. Our 15 kw ducted aircon has struggled to keep our large open floor plan cool from day one it now feels cool light and airy with no aircon. 

Since having the two solar king units installed our aircon is set to 24 degrees and fan speed is now only on 1 where it was always on 3,👍 very impressed.” - Kevin, Qld.


Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Review - 4

"They are a good unit, They have reduced our lounge temperature (Cathedral Roof) by 8 -to 10 Degrees compared to the old Whirly bird – No needed the aircon this afternoon for the first time ever on a plus 30 degree day – its good" - Paul, South Brisbane.


Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Review - 5

“We had one installed just before summer last October, best investment ever, what was once hot, humid and stuffy to come home to after being out all day, the coolness and freshness is a dramatic difference”. - Donna.



Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Review - 6


"I have one installed in my garage. It’s a flat roof metal garage and used to get very hot. The fan works wonders and is certainly a big improvement. To make it even better I have added a small solar controller and 12 volt battery. This way you get a constant speed and it operates into the evening as well. Still uses the inbuilt thermostat to cut on/off at something like 25 degrees". - Craig, Canberra. 



Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Review - 7



“Yep best thing we had fitted .... power bills down as the ducted air conditioning never had to work so hard” – Che Barden, Vic.



Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Review - 8



“I have two in the house, tin roof and beamed ceilings, works awesomely. Have also got one installed in my welding bay and it takes hot air and fumes out. Absolutely fantastic and dropped weld bay temp by 10°c last summer.” – Carl Peter, WA.


Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Review - 9

  “I have a house with exposed beams and pine tongue and groove ceiling so no gap as well and I installed one 7 years ago. The best thing ever and air conditioner actually cooled the house. I would highly recommend this product.” – Vikki Jose, Qld.




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