TD2210 20Amp MPPT Solar Regulator

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Heavy duty MPPT SolarKing Solar 20AMP solar regulator also known as solar charge controller. The unit has a large heat sink to dissipate heat and large wire terminal connections to accept large gauge cables. LCD display built in and the unit has a load timer built in for running lighting once daylight has run out for the day.

Solar regulators are used to connect your solar panels to batteries so the battery is charged at the correct power rates.

  • 20 Amp Maximum Current
  • MPPT
  • 12/24VDC Auto Select
  • USB Charging Socket
  • Adjustable Load Timer Output
  • Large Heat Sink
  • Charge Status Indicator
  • Under and Over Voltage Indicators
  • Load on/off Selectable
  • LCD Display
  • Large Terminals for large cables
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • 2 Hour Boost Charge when under voltage
  • Over Current Protection
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Dimensions
  • Mounting holes
  • Weight:
  • Terminal Size :
  • Enclosure Rating :
  • Temperature Range:
  • Voltage:
    12/24V Auto Selectable
  • Voltage Range:
  • Standby Current Drain:
  • Maximum Current:
  • Maximum Input Voltage:
  • Overload Protection:
    30sec restart
  • 1x Solar Regulator
  • 1x Instructions
  • 1x Gift Box

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