Voltage Regulator 2A/12V

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This voltage regulator is used to maintain a stable 12VDC voltage when the actual input power is between 8-35VDC. This regulator will take the load of your device. Many devices can’t handle a wide voltage range and with either shut down or fail. This device can also be used permanently to reduce 24V to 12V.

  • 12Volt
  • Simply plug and play
  • Wide Voltage range
  • Compact Size
  • Large Heatsink
  • Dimensions: 64x60x27mm
  • Input Voltage: 8-35VDC
  • Output Voltage: 12.2VDC
  • Output Current Nominal: 2A
  • Output Current Peak: 3A
  • Mail Terminal: 2.1mm
  • Female Terminal: 2.1mm
  • 1x 12V/2A Voltage Regulator

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